How to Fix Windows Boot Error 0xc0000098

The Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) bug 0xc0000098 stops Windows from starting up. Here’s what the whole problem message says: “Your computer or other device needs to be fixed. The information in the Boot Configuration Data file isn’t correct for an operating system. File name: BootBCD. Error code: 0xc0000098.” After cloning the operating system or updating Windows, some users have said they got this error. Though you don’t have to worry about it, there are ways through which you can Fix Windows Boot Error 0xc0000098.

But there are many other things that could cause this problem, such as a corrupted or missing BCD file, a hard drive driver that doesn’t work with the hard drive, etc. Yes, naturally. But only if you know what causes them, how to fix them, and how to avoid them.

Every problem you have with Windows is different, so it’s not always possible to go into detail about them. Whether you know a lot about computers or not, if you have the Windows Boot Error 0xc0000098 and want to fix it right away, you are on the right page. For more fixes go to their official site for more support.

How to Fix Windows Boot Error 0xc0000098

How to Fix Windows Boot Error 0xc0000098

Rebuild BCD

  • Open Command Prompt window in Windows recovery environment.
  • Enter the following command lines one by one. These commands should fix the BCD error.
Bootrec /fixmbr
Bootrec /fixboot
Bootrec /rebuildbcd

Run Startup Repair

  • Boot your computer with a Windows recovery disk.
    • Insert the Windows disk into your machine.
    • To get into Firmware, restart your computer and follow the steps in the wizard that shows on the screen soon after you turn it on.
    • Choose Removable Devices as the first boot device by finding the choice that controls how the computer starts up.
    • Save your changes, then turn on your computer.
  • Follow the steps in the installation guide until you get to the next step. Then, click Repair your computer to go to the Windows restore environment.
  • Go to Troubleshoot, then Advanced Options, and then Startup Repair.

Check Boot Configuration Integrity

In the next step, you’ll check that your Windows system is still in good shape. Unlike the last step, this one won’t scan your whole drive. Instead, it will just check to see if Windows itself has any problems. This is a good way to rule out an update that might be broken.

Again, type sfc /scannow into the Command Prompt to start. Let this run, and it will check to see if there are any problems with protected system files. If this program finds corrupted files, it can replace them, which could fix your boot problems.

This next order will need to connect to the internet, so plug in that Ethernet cable now. Type dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth at the command window.

This program will check the integrity of Windows as a whole, and if any files are broken, it will try to find replacements for them online. If you still have boot trouble after running these commands and restarting, it’s time to rebuild the boot sector from scratch.

Perform Clean Installation of Windows

  • Insert the Windows 11 CD/DVD/USB flash drive and restart Windows computer.
  • Choose the language, money, and time zone you want to use. Click the Next button.
  • Click Now to install.
  • Select the version of Windows you want to install, then click Next to move on.
  • Now, check “I accept the license terms” and click “Next.”
  • Choose “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)” from the list of options.
  • Click Next and then choose the system folder where you want to install the new Windows.
  • The process of setting up will begin. A few times, your device will restart. Don’t try to force your computer to shut down or start up again.
  • Now, go to your Microsoft account and sign in. If you don’t want to sign in, click “Skip this Step.”
  • Windows 10 is now set up on your computer.


Causes For Windows Boot Error 0xc0000098

  • If the BCD file doesn’t have any operating system entries or entities, the error 0xc0000098 might keep blinking, which means the start process has stopped.
  • Another reason is that the entry problem gets worse when there are power outages, when BCD is set up by hand, when there are disk-write mistakes, or when malware gets on the computer.
  • The Windows boot error 0xc0000098 can happen if you loaded a hard drive driver that isn’t compatible with the system update.


What is the cause of boot disk error?

If you get the message “disk boot failure,” it means that your computer can’t find the operating system and can’t start up. The mistake happens because the BIOS can’t find a drive that can be used to start up your computer.

What does error code 0xc0000098 mean?

During start-up, the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) is very important because it gives the operating system the information it needs to load. If the Boot Configuration Data is missing or damaged, Windows won’t be able to load the operating system and will give you the error 0xc0000098.

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