How to Turn On or Off Network Discovery in Windows 11

Control device visibility and network access in Windows 11. Easily turn on or off Network Discovery with our guide!

One of the most important parts of Windows has always been Network Discovery. With Network Discovery, you can send files from one Windows computer to another over a neighborhood network. This saves you the trouble of moving the data to a second storage device and then doing it all over again on the target machine. In this article we will show you how to Turn On or Off Network Discovery in Windows 11.

Furthermore, this peer-to-peer link mode not only makes it easier and faster to send data. It also makes sure that the information is sent only to the right person. On top of that, you can also give people limited access to private data. Windows 11 is a huge improvement in terms of style and all the changes that have been made behind the scenes. Thankfully, the process of turning on Network Discovery is mostly the same.

Why Network Discovery Is Important

  • Vulnerability Detection: If you know what devices are connected to your network, you can look for possible security holes and fix them before they are used against you. Hackers usually go after gadgets they don’t know much about, so having everything connected makes your network much harder to get into.
  • Unauthorized Device Detection: Find devices on your network that you didn’t authorize. This could mean that someone is trying to get in without permission. In this way, you can move right away to stop security breaches.
  • Resource Monitoring: Keep an eye on how each device uses resources to find possible bottlenecks or strange behaviour that could be a sign of malware or misuse.
How to Turn On or Off Network Discovery in Windows 11
  • Efficient Inventory Management: Keep a complete list of all the devices that are linked, including their specs, operating systems, and software versions. This makes it easier to plan, improve, and keep up.
  • Compliance and Policy Enforcement: Have a clear picture of what’s connected and how it’s set up to make sure devices follow your network’s rules and policies. This is very important for businesses that need to meet certain security or data safety standards.

How to Turn On or Off Network Discovery in Windows 11

Via Windows Settings

  1. Press Win + I to get to Settings.
  2. Click on Network and Internet.
  3. Pick the network you’re linked to.
  4. Once you’re done, pick Public from the Network profile type menu.

Using CMD

  1. DNS Client
  2. Function Discovery Resource Publication
  3. SSDP Discovery
  4. UPnP Device Host

using control panel settings

  1. In the “Start” box, type “control panel.”
  2. Start up the “Control panel” app.
  3. Press on “Network and sharing centre.”
  4. Click on “Change advanced sharing settings” on the left.
  5. In the event that the drop-down menu for the present setting hasn’t already been expanded, click on it.
  6. Check the box next to “Network discovery.” You might need to be an official to do this.

Security Implications of Network Discovery

  • Concerns about privacy: Finding and watching devices can make people worry about their privacy, especially when personal devices are tied to the network. Make sure that there are clear rules and policies in place for tracking devices and collecting data.
  • Misconfiguration Risks: Network discovery tools could mistakenly spot or misunderstand devices and how they are set up, which could cause false alarms or miss security holes. This can lead to misunderstanding and make security measures less effective.
  • Denial-of-Service Attacks: Some network discovery tools can be used to attack discovered devices with denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, which flood them with data and make them useless.
  • Accidental Release of Private Data: If you don’t set up or use network finding tools correctly, they can reveal private data about your network or devices, like usernames, passwords, or private data.

Is Network Discovery safe?

Simply said, Network Discovery is essential and secure because every single managed service provider (MSP) or information technology (IT) team, regardless of the industry they work in or the size of the organisation, needs network visibility in order to perform their duties.

It is impossible for information technology teams to comprehend the intricacies of the network unless they have a comprehensive understanding of the devices that are connected to it. Moreover, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the connections that exist between them and the ways in which they interact with one another.


What happens if I turn off network discovery?

If you turn these options off or disable them, your computer or laptop will be invisible to other nearby devices, protecting it. You don’t have to change anything about how Windows 10 finds networks if you want to work without an internet connection.

Is it okay to turn on network discovery?

If you’re in a public place and connect to a network. You activate network discovery but leave network sharing off. From then on, every public network you join to, network discovery will be active. It is not safe to do this. That’s why we suggest you use the network share setting instead.

What is the network discovery?

Network discovery is the process of finding devices on a network so that systems and nodes can join and talk to each other. This helps network managers find devices, make network maps, keep track of inventories, make sure that correct access rules are followed, and get a better handle on the infrastructure.

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