Bollywood Update – Ali Fazal Changes His Name To Mir Fateh?

Today Latest Bollywood News Covers – “Ali Fazal Changes His Name To Mir Fateh?”

Why is Ali Fazal better known as "Mir Fateh" in the central interiors of Banaras and Lucknow late? No it is not a character name. The actor recently took the fight for real illegal matches for Mirzapur and had to register his name.

Ali Fazal really knows how to take his roles on the screen seriously. For the actor who is the youngest member of the Bollywood Academy, immersing himself in his roles is a practice that he follows religiously, project after project. But it was his next, a series for a prominent OTT platform that urged him to do everything in his power to shine through a camera.

Ali Fazal plays Guddu Pandit, a gangster poised to conquer a country without laws, where the arms and drug trade is a normal life. For months to play the role convincingly and watch the role, the decision makers have passed on to Ali an intense physical transformation, which has given the impression of becoming a compelling and intimidating gangster on the screen. With the help of Fame Dangal: Rahul Bhatt. Never having tried a shaded gray character on the screen, Ali is immersed with the utmost dedication in filming the series. So that, apart from a grueling physical transformation to fit the show's fight sequences and do his stunts properly, Ali set out to discover clandestine clubs or "clans" as he says, at Banaras, in old Delhi and in Lucknow. Thanks to his friend's knowledge, he spent time in secret to attend these gatherings and adapt to understand the combat techniques of underground fighters. He even participated in two of these matches and suffered multiple bruises on the boards, leaving everyone affected by the changes in his physical appearance.

Speaking of which, Ali says: "I had to change my name in order to enter these places. It's the most frightening period for Mirzapur, yet adventurous. I do not say it proudly and I would not recommend it to others. To others, I would say, try to act to change and forget the method. I stumbled upon clans of clandestine fighting clans in Banaras and Badohi during my research, where I discovered some tricks of the trade. It helped me "

Looks like everything paid well, while Ali looks like an innocent man who turns into the most menacing man in the city of Mirzapur to whom his character belongs to the series. We wish Ali aka Mir all the best for his projects

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