Dalip Tahil: “Singing In Films Always Been On My Mind”

Bollywood News About – “Dalip Tahil: “Singing In Films Always Been On My Mind””

Veteran actor Dalip Tahil has been part of musicals and recently sang live with a band in Mumbai. He says that he always wanted to sing in movies, but that never materialized.

"It's (singing in movies) always in my mind. I've always wanted to do it. But it never happened because of the kind of roles I played. People are always put in a box or slot, "Dalip, known primarily for playing negative roles in movies like"Shaan"and"Baazigar", Said IANS in a telephone interview.

"At first, some producers and directors saw me in the musical 'Evita' and thrown in their movies. They also heard me sing on stage, but they could not translate that into Hindi movie song. I would love to do it, "he said.

Dalip Tahil: "Singing in movies has always been a concern"

Singing is one of his little-known sides, even though he began his career with English musicals such as "Evita" and "Godspell" decades ago.

"I've also sung on a London stage for (composers) Andrew Lloyd …

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