Asus ROG Rapture WiFi 6 Gaming Router GT-AX11000 is now available for just $324.85

The Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 is a high-performance WiFi 6 gaming router made for gamers who want the best wireless connection. It aims to provide a smooth gaming experience with low latency, high speeds, and reliable coverage thanks to its advanced features and cutting-edge technology. One of the best things about the GT-AX11000 is that it works with WiFi 6, also called 802.11ax.

This next-generation wireless standard is better than the ones that came before it in terms of network capacity, speed, and latency. With Wi-Fi 6, the router can handle multiple devices at once, making it perfect for homes with lots of gamers or people who use the internet a lot. The GT-AX11000 has a tri-band design with one 2.4GHz band and two 5GHz bands. This means that more devices can connect at the same time without slowing down.


  • Tri-Band Design
  • AiMesh Compatible
  • Easy Setup and Management
  • Multiple Connectivity Options
  • WiFi 6 Technology

It also works with MU-MIMO technology, which lets multiple devices send and receive data at the same time. This makes the network work even better as a whole. To improve the gaming experience, the router has a dedicated gaming LAN port, which gives gaming traffic higher priority and reduces latency for gaming devices connected to it. It also works with WTFast, a popular gaming VPN service that can help reduce ping and optimize network routes for smoother online gaming.

The GT-AX11000 has a powerful 1.8GHz quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM. This makes sure that even when the network is busy, the performance is smooth and quick. It also has advanced QoS (Quality of Service) settings that let you prioritize certain apps or devices to make sure they get the bandwidth they need to work at their best. There are also a number of extra features on the router that will make your networking experience better.

How to get Asus ROG Rapture Wi-Fi 6 Gaming Router GT-AX11000?

It comes with Trend Micro’s AiProtection Pro, which has advanced security features to protect your network from threats from the outside. As mentioned earlier, it also works with ASUS’s AiMesh technology and is compatible with ASUS’s mobile app, which makes it easy to set up and manage your network settings. The ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 is a powerful WiFi 6 gaming router with great performance, low latency, and reliable coverage. It’s made for gamers and people who use the internet a lot. It has advanced features and strong hardware. Even though it might be too much for casual users, the GT-AX11000 is a good investment for gamers who want to avoid lag and need a high-performance router.

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