Now Razer Kishi for Android (Xbox) Gaming Controller in just $49.99 at Best Buy

The Razer Kishi is the next mobile gamepad from the gaming-focused company after the aging Junglecat, and it appears to be one of the highest-quality offerings on the market. It’s solidly built, has more buttons than many competitors, and the accompanying app also works as a standalone game launcher.

The biggest Junglecat issue that the Kishi solves is mobile compatibility, because while the older gamepad only worked with a handful of smartphones, the Kishi can connect to a wide variety of Android smartphones as long as your phone has a USB-C port. iPhones aren’t compatible yet, though an iOS version of the Kishi is expected to be released sometime in mid-2020. The main issue with the Kishi, ironically, is also compatibility, but in terms of games, not phones.

While your Kishi will automatically work with many games, saving you the hassle of assigning the controller yourself, the Kishi only works with a select number of games, and you can’t use it with ones that aren’t on the list. It’s probably worth downloading the Razer Gamepad app before buying the Kishi to see which of your favorite games are supported, unless you want to use some of the biggest game streaming services that are compatible.

If your favorite games work with the Kishi, it’s likely to be a game-changer, bringing your mobile gaming experience much closer to console gaming. However, if you don’t find your favorite games on the list, the Kishi is rather redundant and other, more affordable gamepads might be better.

The Razer Kishi consists of a left and right gamepad, but unlike many mobile controllers that consist of two separate controller halves, the Kishi’s halves are connected by a rubber band to a central mounting plate that fits behind the phone. This ensures that the gamepads are firmly attached to the phone, and when not in use, everything can be packed into a portable block.

Like all gamepads, the Razer Kishi has a plastic casing, making it very lightweight. When we plug it into a phone, it doesn’t get very heavy, and we can easily stow it in a bag when not in use without it weighing us down too much.

The left half of the Razer Kishi has a joystick on the top and a D-pad on the bottom, as well as a home button, another function button, and two triggers. The right half has the same two triggers, a bottom joystick, another function button, and four “face buttons,” which in turn use the Xbox’s X, Y, A, and B buttons.

Most smartphone gamepads require you to physically map the controls to points on the display that usually correspond to in-game buttons, so you determine where the smartphone “thinks” you’re pressing when you’re actually pressing the controller’s physical button. The strength and at the same time the weakness of the Kishi is that this is not the case. There are pre-made control schemes for the Razer Kishi in compatible games that work with the gamepad, so you can just plug it in and start playing.

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