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The JBL Endurance Peak II True Wireless are sports-oriented headphones with a distinctive hook-and-loop design that keeps them on your ears during workouts. Their bass-rich sound profile adds an extra edge to your favorite music. Although they do not have an ANC feature, they do a great job of passively isolating you from background noise, so you won’t hear the chatter of people working out around you in the gym. Unfortunately, they may not be comfortable enough to wear for long listening sessions, especially if you have small ears.

However, they are very portable, and the charging case makes it easy to charge them when you are on the go. The JBL Endurance Peak II are excellent truly wireless headphones for sports and fitness. Because of the ear hook design, they have a more stable fit than other wireless earbuds. They are the next generation of the JBL Endurance Peak Truly Wireless, and their overall performance is very similar, but they have better noise isolation, longer continuous battery life, and better microphone recording quality. However, their bass-heavy sound profile is not ideal for all listeners and they do not have any sound customization options.

The JBL Endurance Peak IIs have a sports-oriented design, similar to that of the JBL Endurance Peak Truly Wireless. They have dense, rubberized earbuds and thick ear hooks for stability. They are available in “black,” “white,” “blue” and “coral” colors. The JBL Endurance Peak IIs are reasonably comfortable. They do not go too deep into the ear, which is good. Also, the bendable wire on the ear hook allows you to adjust the headphones to suit your preferences. However, they are a bit bulky and can be uncomfortable after long periods of use.

Also, because they can be turned off automatically by moving the ear hook to the back of the headphones, listeners with small ears may accidentally turn off the headphones when trying to squeeze them, which is uncomfortable. These headphones have acceptable controls. You can tap either earphone to answer/end a call and tap them twice to reject a call. Tapping the left earbud once switches to the next track, while tapping it twice returns to the previous track. Tap and hold either earbud for two seconds to mute the microphone.

You can slide the right earbud up to raise the volume and down to lower it. Tap the right earbud once to play/pause and tap twice to activate the voice assistant. However, the touch-sensitive controls have no audible feedback and the sensitive surface area is very small. As a result, when trying to adjust the volume, sometimes the earbuds play/pause the music. The JBL Endurance Peak IIs are remarkably portable. They are small and lightweight and should easily fit in your pocket or purse. A portable charging case is also available to protect them when on the go.

The case is discreet. It is made mostly of plastic, but it does not feel as solid and durable as the materials used for the case of the JBL Endurance Peak Truly Wireless. There is an LED light to indicate battery level and a locking mechanism to keep the case closed. The JBL Endurance Peak IIs have a bass-heavy sound profile. The increased power and punch in the bass range is suitable for listening to bass-heavy music genres such as hip-hop and EDM. The rest of the range is fairly flat and balanced, so vocals and solo instruments are clear and present.

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