The Reasons why editing is important in writing for 2021

Ask ten writers what they enjoy the least about writing, and at least five of them will say it’s editing. Unlike writing, which is idea-driven and exciting, editing is a meticulous and hard process. That’s probably why so many inexperienced writers feel like it’s okay to neglect or delegate it. However, professional editing services can get expensive, and your roommate can hardly edit your papers better than you can. So it’s a good idea to work on your skills and learn how to do it yourself. Several edits can do wonders to your texts; they help you catch all the mistakes, make the right impression on the reader, get rid of plagiarism, and ensure that your message is clear. If you’re still hesitant, check out these points in support of editing.

The more you edit, the more you catch

Remember that quote from Hemingway, the “write drunk, edit sober” one? Well, he obviously knew what he was saying because he did both. All students and professional writers can relate to the desire to close the doc the second you finish the last sentence of your assignment. Sadly, that’s a terrible idea if you care about the quality of your writing. Ask any essay writers from a custom writing company akin to, and they’ll tell you the same. The “one and done” principle just doesn’t work when it comes to editing.

The thing is, no matter how good of a writer you are, your papers will always have room for improvement. It doesn’t matter if your grammar and spelling are superb. Once you start editing your text, you’ll see that a lot of sentences don’t sound as good as they could, and there’s a paragraph or two that doesn’t flow too well. Editing gives you a chance to notice any flaws in your essays (research papers, reviews, emails to a customer, you name it) and fix them. At the very least, edit your texts four times:

  1. Once you’re done writing the draft.
  2. After you’ve run it through plagiarism-detecting and grammar-checking tools.
  3. After you’ve had someone else read it.
  4. One final time to make everything perfect.

Unedited text spoils the impression

Reading an unedited paper, article, or online review is not unlike looking at someone who showed up on the first date with greasy hair and wearing sweatpants. They can still be a lovely person. But you’re less likely to take them seriously, aren’t you? The same goes for texts. No matter how unique your ideas are, or how personalized your solutions seem to be (if, say, you’re writing a piece for a website explaining your company’s service), the lack of editing will kill the impression. It screams “unprofessional”. So, if you don’t want your reader to lose interest, never neglect to edit.

This may seem a bit upsetting, seeing as we’re all taught to believe in the ‘never judge the book by its cover’ approach and all that. But think of a book with grammatical errors on its cover (the ones that aren’t supposed to be there). Would you buy it? Unlikely, even if it’s cheap. You would probably order a different edition or another book online. That’s exactly what most of your readers will do if you skip editing. Sure, your college professor will still read your essay because they have to. But don’t expect them to recognize you for the top writer that you are—it’s not going to happen.

To get read of tautologies and plagiarism

Tautologies. Even expert writers with years of experience often struggle with repetitions. It’s not always easy to catch them on the first editing try. Some grammar-checking services like Grammarly help, but no machine can detect tautologies as effectively as a human ear can. A pro tip: read your text out loud—you’ll instantly notice repetitive words and phrases.

Plagiarism. Whether you’re writing an academic paper or content for companies’ blogs, it must be written from scratch, that is, to be 100% original. Sure thing, you wouldn’t plagiarize intentionally, but accidental plagiarism is a thing, too. Luckily, there are a lot of great plagiarism checkers for the English language out there. Most of them are available to customers from the USA and UK. While few are free, they do have free trials. Here’s the top three:

  • Grammarly. You’ve probably heard of this one. It’s an excellent tool for both checking grammar and detecting plagiarism.
  • Writer. Perfect for online content writers but works for academic assignments as well. 
  • QueText. Great for whatever and a bit cheaper than the other two.

You can see if you managed to communicate your message

Aside from sloppy mistakes, the most important thing you can catch only if you edit your text over and over again is whether your message is clear enough. As authors, we always have an idea that we try to convey in our writing. What we often forget, though, is that the reader isn’t actually in our heads. They can only follow the author’s thoughts if those thoughts are logical and flow well. The best way to make sure that they do is to ask for someone’s assistance. Have your friend or partner read your paper (preferably after you’ve double-checked it yourself—unless you’re okay with harsh feedback).

Even if the person reading your paper is not good at giving advice, you can easily see how much sense your text makes by the questions they ask. It’s not a good sign when the reader keeps asking something along the lines of ‘Sorry, what do you mean here? I’m not sure I get it’. If that’s the case, keep editing to improve the clarity of your arguments.

In place of a conclusion

Learn to treat editing the same way you treat sorting your emails or preparing a monthly report. It’s not as fun as writing, but you get used to it. The effect it has on the quality of your writing is certainly worth the trouble. The good news is that it gets easier over time. If you start editing all of your texts four times, it’ll soon become a habit. You won’t even think of it.


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