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How To Guide: How Close Are We to Curing HIV/AIDS?

Current pharmacotherapies mean that it is possible to live a normal life with HIV, but it is expensive and unsustainable. What we really need is an HIV vaccine and treatment. So how far are we?

Why can not all gay men give blood? –

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Best HIV "zero patient" wrongly accused of being responsible for the AIDS epidemic

"A mistake in labeling and irresponsible hype in the 1980s led to unfairly qualifying a gay airline employee of" Patient Zero "in the US AIDS epidemic, a scientific analysis and detailed history on Wednesday. "

HIV. hidden from America Epidemic

"Thanks to the success of life-saving antiretroviral drugs invented 20 years ago and years of research and education, most people living with HIV can now lead a life-saving trial." long and healthy life.

How cow antibodies help scientists develop an HIV vaccine

"Researchers have long sought to develop an effective vaccine against HIV. Several treatments have been the subject of clinical trials, but the only one to be successful, a 2009 study in Thailand, has reduced HIV infection rates by only 30%. "

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