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How To Guide: HOW to quit Sugar & Unhealthy Habits

Best key to stopping drinking sugar is to understand the 5 things that matter to you: your brain, your environment, your habits, your guts and (maybe) your friends.
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Diet and health have always been an important topic of discussion recently, especially with the increase in the number of obese and obese people with diabetes. Although there is a little bit of a fight between low carb and high carbohydrate, what deserves the most attention is to stop consuming sugar because eliminating refined sugars and processed foods is the safest way to improve health and regulate weight. Best mentality and approach of really understanding how and why bad habits develop can apply to all kinds of things (quitting, etc.)

0:00 Best "Why" is important
1:17 Sugar tells your brain to stay hungry
2:15 10 Best most obese, lazy and unhappy states
3:19 No sugar does not mean no happiness
5:07 How your environment affects your brain
6:54 Deconstructing a bad programming
7:26 Breaking bad habits by understanding them
9:03 Nostalgia is not always good
9:44 How to control cravings with mindfulness
10:38 Sugar and your guts
12h35 friends

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Final Words: Latest HOW to quit Sugar & Unhealthy Habits How To

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