India Finally Finds Its Voice Of Horror!

Ghoul Review (Netflix): After the successful debut of Netflix in India with Sacred Games, the OTT media service provider is back to help another set of great content. Featuring Radhika Apte, Manav Kaul and a stellar cast of actors, Ghoul, prosperous about your fear of ghosts.

Written and directed by Patrick Graham, this mini-series contains a few of all the sub-genres of horror, from thriller to slasher. It is close to the dystopian future when sectarian violence has reached a critical point, secret detention centers have been established and military repression is underway. It is then that a brilliant officer of NPS, a paramilitary force, Nida Rahim (Radhika Apte) surrenders her father because she doubts her loyalty to the country.

Ghoul Review (Netflix): India finally finds its voice of horror!
Ghoul Review (Netflix): India finally finds its voice of horror!

Father Shahnawaz Rahim (MS Zaheer) is a teacher who believes that patriotism in the country becomes uncontrollable and kills many innocent people. Nida has the doubt that her father is washing his brain to do things that are not part of his religion. For having tried this brave thing, Nida, even before the end of her training, is transferred to a secret detention center managed by NPS. Colonel Sunil Dacunha (Manav Kaul) welcomes Nida to the team to ask him to help interrogate one of the most wanted criminals, Ali Saeed (Mahesh Balraj).

Ghoul or Ghul, a zombie-fied demon who feeds on your guilt and uses it to destroy you. Without caricature, manufacturers decide to opt for minimal dentures with dark eyes for the devil. True Detective fans here? you will surely find clever similarities between the two. Ghoul score points in the exciting department but falls a little short by amassing cries and screams. Patrick Graham's management will keep you informed, but once you've finished the show, you'll feel like you're indifferent. How much I wish Patrick had made the most of the configuration of the dystopian future.

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