Neha Dhupia: I own three crowns now

Today Latest Bollywood News Covers – “Neha Dhupia: I own three crowns now”

She won the Miss India title in 2002, but after her marriage (with Angad Bedi) and her first child (Mehr), Neha Dhupia has the impression of owning three crowns.

Just one month from her first wedding anniversary, the actress who reinvents her career by taking basic steps in content production, candidly explained that life had changed.

Neha told IANS: "It was a roller-coaster ride, the last time I had led Miss India, I did not know I was leaving, being a woman and a mother, but here I am after a year, I am I did both.

"It's a huge accomplishment and so rewarding, just to wake up next to two people that you can not believe you love so selflessly … I've always been this person who thought" I'm the person the most important of my life ", my work is important, the family is important, and they are important because they make me happy.

"And then suddenly you have …

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