2 Your health: pedaling helps women fight Parkinson’s disease

2 Your health: pedaling helps women fight Parkinson's disease

CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – Exercise is medicine for Sally Terrell, 62, of Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

“I’ve always been determined to exercise and do what I can to avoid the tremors,” she said.

Sally suffers from Parkinson’s disease, a progressive neurological disorder causing tremors on the right side. She manages her symptoms with medication – and a stationary bike.

“I think this exercise program has really helped keep the symptoms at bay, which hopefully slows the progression,” Terrell said.

Previous research from the Cleveland Clinic shows that tandem cycling in the lab for eight weeks improved symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in the short term.

Sally is part of a second trial, using a stationary bike at home for a year. She rides at least three times a week and wears a sensor, so researchers can monitor her activity and function.

“We’re looking at specific measurements of motor function, gait, balance, postural instability and…

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