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5 rumors of PC port 343 taking down Halo

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The mainline Halo games have all made their way to PC, save one major omission. Halo 5, the most recent entry in the franchise until Infinite drops later this year, is still stuck exclusively on consoles. Fans recently got a small tinge of hope that the game would make its way to PC thanks to a leaked, speculative list of GeForce Now games, but 343 has nipped that hope in the bud.

Halo 5 Developer Points Fans To Undis
However, Jarrard did make a point to say that the studio would “never say never” to such a port, so it’s possible that Halo 5 could come to PC later down the line. Halo Infinite is coming to PC, though, and with Halo 5 garnering mixed reviews at best among fans, a PC port might not be strictly necessary if Halo Infinite is popular. Halo 5 being the only game missing from PC paints it as a black sheep of the franchise, and the odds of that changing seem pretty slim.

Over on Twitter, 343 Industries Community Manager Brian Jarrard responded to fans discussing the “leaked” port, stating that, while 343 recognizes that there’s some demand for Halo 5 to come to PC, it simply isn’t in the cards right now, and no such port is being actively worked on. Rather, the studio is completely focused on Halo: Master Chief Collection and Halo Infinite.

Halo 5 isn’t the only game to erroneously appear on the list. Nvidia has since confirmed that the GeForce Now leaked list of games is indeed real, but the titles included on it are speculative. With more than 18,000 games listed some are bound to come true, but fans shouldn’t hold their breath for many of them. For instance, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Remastered appeared on the list, but Activision has categorically denied its existence.

Xbox does seem to have its sights set on growing its influence on PC, so it’s not safe to entirely rule out a PC port just yet. Halo Infinite’s connection with Halo 5 is still a relative mystery, so fans may end up wanting a refresher about what happened during Halo 5 to see all of the narrative plot threads. A PC port would be great for getting everyone up to speed.

There’s a strong argument to be made for a Halo 5 PC port. The game’s narrative was critiqued pretty heavily upon launch, but the multiplayer components were innovative, though certainly not for everyone. Bringing the game to PC with an uncapped frame rate could breathe new life into the game, though, which it could use.

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