5 video games that deserve anime adaptations (and 5 that don’t)


10 Deserving: Breath of the Wild With the notable exceptions of the Fate adaptations and Steins; Gate, anime based on video games are almost universal disappointments. And for every game that feels cinematic enough to merit an anime, there are just as many that would be better off left alone.

Once it may have seemed a fool’s errand. Link is a silent protagonist, and the joy of Breath of the Wild is the freedom players have in defining not just how he looks but how he behaves. Having said that, the world of anime has come a long way when it comes to representation. During the onset of the pandemic, many players turned to New Horizons for solace. In a world where the majority of life’s decisions felt stripped from humanity, imaginary rural towns populated with animals became a real respite.  Sure, bug-catching, fishing, and fossil-hunting would be a snooze-fest to watch. But Animal Crossing already exists exactly as it should.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a therapeutic, beloved game. But fans who think it would be fun to watch as a series may be deluding themselves and forgetting the central charms that help AC succeed. 8 Deserving: Nier: Automata

9 Undeserving: Animal Crossing Link doesn’t speak, but he gesticulates, and many fan headcanons establish him as a character unable to talk. Imagine an anime adaptation that embraced the idea that Link is mute or perhaps signs to communicate, and consider how beautiful such a story could be if produced by, say, Brain’s Base, the same studio bringing To Your Eternity to vibrant life.

RELATED: Nier: 10 Ways Replicant Connects To Automata It’s hard to think of many anime that have nailed the “cool factor” so well as the Nier franchise. While being “cool” is no guarantee that an anime will be worth watching — so many shows have become style over substance — one genre that anime has always excelled at is science fiction.

Look, adaptations of Mario games quite frankly do not work. In addition to the infamous live-action film from the 80s, Mario and Luigi have enjoyed their fair share of animated features, but few are worth mentioning. The essence of what makes Nintendo successful doesn’t necessarily translate into other mediums. 7 Undeserving: Anything in The Mario Universe Just as Advent Children succeeded in capturing an ambitious story and rich otherworldly setting, so could a Nier anime. It helps that the character designs are memorable, the villains creative and often haunting, and the aesthetic is so strong. Most importantly, these characters exist separately from the players, and it’s obvious that 2B would be taking care of business even without a controller.

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