Sunday, January 29, 2023
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A company in East Nashville had its antiques stolen

In East Nashville, Metro Police are looking for a person seen on surveillance footage breaking into a toy store.

The company’s front door, which was broken on Sunday morning, has been replaced, but the owners of IC Toys Nashville claim that someone used a sledge hammer to steal more than $50,000 worth of toys that they are unable to replace.

The proprietors of IC Toys Nashville claim that the robber made off with priceless antique toys worth thousands of dollars.

Owner of IC Toys Nashville Andrea Evens described how the man “smashes through the entrance and gets beneath the bar.”

We activated the cameras after receiving a call from Titan Tattoo, one of our neighbours, informing us that someone had broken in through our door.

She claimed that everything took place quickly. Someone was seen breaking through her toy story’s front door on the CCTV tape.

A few seconds later, she observed the individual forcing their way into the shop smashing apart display cases with a sledgehammer.

A number of graded comics, old Star Wards trading cards, and numerous autographs were among the stolen comics, according to Evens. “There was an autograph from Carrie Fisher in there.”

Evens claimed that in addition to stealing over $50,000 worth of priceless collectibles, the offender also inflicted thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. It will cost at least a few thousand dollars, according to Evens.

Evens said that they left out one item. “They didn’t even approach the register once. I simply have no idea what they were considering, Evens remarked.

She claimed that despite spending hours cleaning up the shop, she is still in shock at what occurred. “I’m not sure. I suppose I’m still stunned,” Evens admitted.

Owners are rushing to restock their shelves while Metro Police search for the suspect seen in the video.

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  • A company in East Nashville had its antiques stolen
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