A (counter) report on university finances

A (counter) report on university finances

As we look back to 2020, a year of record unemployment and financial ruin for many, it’s clear that the ultra-rich have had a record year. Despite the university’s claims that it too was in financial trouble, an analysis of the university’s finances for the fiscal year places Northwestern firmly in the camp of those who came out on top in 2020.

The power of corporations, and the corporate university in particular, rests on an air of impenetrability and expertise. By portraying the base of the university as simply unable to grasp the nuance of its wealth, demands made to control that wealth can be more easily dismissed. We see this in the vague references by trustees to donor restrictions on parts of the endowment and the illiquidity of certain assets, which are commonly cited in response to requests to better fund the welfare of students and institutions. workers. It is essential for the worker empowerment mission that this mystique be eliminated, a goal that we aim to…

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