A Guide to How America Can Revive the Political Center

A Guide to How America Can Revive the Political Center

There were 240 million eligible voters in the United States last fall, and Joe Biden and Donald Trump each obtained about a third of their votes.

Biden got 34% of those people to vote for him, Trump 31%. But, due to the Electoral College’s calculations, Trump would have won re-election if only 44,000 combined voters had passed to him in Arizona, Wisconsin and Georgia. Plus, millions of people who voted for Biden did not do so with passion, and the same goes for Trump.

So it’s probably fair to say that half of the electorate was not passionately behind any of the 2020 presidential candidates – the 80 million who decided not to vote at all, to begin with, with maybe be 40 million who voted for a candidate because they didn’t like it. , feared or hated the other.

The new president and his fellow Democrats newly in charge of Congress need to give these numbers serious thought. The task is to find out how to build unity in the country.

“Here’s the deal,” as the president likes to say: ruling Democrats need to stop assuming they have to convince Republicans across the country to accept their proposals. Perhaps one in 10 people who identify as reliable GOP voters will be impossible to turn, as they will continue to side with the radicals who led the storming of Capitol Hill last month.

Instead, ruling Democrats in Washington should start by addressing Americans who did not vote for Trump last year …


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