Saturday, September 25, 2021

A Mandalorian game is doubtful Ubisoft’s next game

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The Star Wars gaming community has been buzzing with rumored projects and anticipation for long-awaited sequels. One of the most exciting new rumors that’s been making the rounds says that a game based on The Mandalorian is in development. The leak came from noted insider @Shpeshal_Ed on Twitter, and although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, their leaks have proven to be reliable in the past. If the leak does prove to be true, it would fulfill the wishes of many Star Wars fans that have wanted a game based on The Mandalorian ever since the first season premiered.

It should be stressed that nothing official is known about any of the plot details regarding Ubisoft’s Star Wars title, and even less is known about The Mandalorian because as of right now it is just a rumor. There is a lot of potential in the leak about the rumored game, but until official announcements are made then everything is purely speculation. With how wildly popular The Mandalorian has turned out to be however, it would make a lot of sense for there to be some kind of video game adaptation in the works. Fans will just have to keep their eyes peeled for any other evidence that the game might exist, and if it turns out that it is indeed Ubisoft’s highly anticipated project.

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  • A Mandalorian game is doubtful Ubisoft’s next game
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