A materials science approach to fight the coronavirus

A materials science approach to fight the coronavirus

IMAGE: (a) Antiviral activity of the powders prepared against the coronavirus and photographs showing the change in the number of plaques of the coronavirus after four hours: (b) control and (c) with CMO. view more

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Researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology working in collaboration with colleagues from the Kanagawa Institute of Industrial Sciences and Technology and Nara Medical University in Japan have successfully prepared a material called cerium molybdate (γ-Ce2Mo3O13 or CMO), which exhibits high antiviral activity against the coronavirus.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the urgency of not only the development and deployment of vaccines, but also the development of innovative materials and technologies with antiviral properties that could play a critical role in helping contain the spread of the virus. .

Conventional inorganic antimicrobial materials are often prepared with metals such as copper or photocatalysts such as titanium dioxide. However, metal-based materials can be prone to corrosion, and the effects of photocatalysts are generally limited under dark conditions.

Now a research team led by Akira Nakajima from Tokyo …

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