Wednesday, October 27, 2021

A poll finds Titans fans in the bottom three in the NFL for money spent on concessions

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But after surveying over 1,500 fans representing every team in the league to see how much they spend on food, alcohol, fan apparel, and more, Titans fans came out looking particularly frugal. With fans allowed back into stadiums for this season, things can return to normal. For many NFL diehards that includes spending money on things like food, drinks, and merchandise while cheering on their favorite squad in person.

That’s not all, though. Wearing team gear and merchandise is the most visible way to display your allegiance in everyday life. Survey respondents were also asked how much they spend on team-branded clothing and accessories for themselves and their families.

The results indicated that Titans fans spend an average of $65.53 on concessions for themselves and the guests they attend the game with. Only Cincinnati Bengals ($58.26) and Carolina Panthers ($46.78) fans came in lower than Titans fans did. The highest amounts spent were $169.95 by the Houston Texans, and $147.68 by the Dallas Cowboys. I guess everything really is bigger in Texas. The survey even conducted an alcohol-only portion, and the $34.58 spent by Titans fans came in at fourth lowest.

Though not quite as bad as the concession findings, Titans fans were found in the bottom 10, spending an average of $118.42. If you’re looking for a victory here, Colts fans apparently spend the least amount of money on team merch ($85.34).

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  • A poll finds Titans fans in the bottom three in the NFL for money spent on concessions
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