Friday, January 27, 2023
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After a disagreement over money, a local tattoo artist was shot and killed outside of a business

The proprietor of the establishment, 42-year-old Brian Wilson, was shot and killed outside Stay Gold Tattoo in Batavia Township on Sunday morning.

Just before 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office reported that the communication centre received a 911 open line call from the vicinity of 1792 State Road 125 in Batavia Township. Although dispatchers were unable to speak with the caller directly, they were able to overhear a verbal argument about money that was followed by gunfire.

Amelia resident Michael Guilfoyle Jr., 33, is accused of aggravated homicide and aggravated robbery.

A dispatcher can be heard in the radio traffic repeating what she heard to the responding officers.

She relayed that bullets had been fired a short while thereafter.

“A man is screaming, ‘Give me the money! I’ll start shooting. The dispatcher commanded, “Give me the money.” Another man can be heard in the distance complaining that he doesn’t have $2,500 on him.

According to investigators, when the first officer arrived on the scene, Wilson was found unconscious in the westbound lanes of SR-125, just to the east of the intersection with SR-132. On the spot, he passed away.

Guilfoyle was also present, according to the investigators. They claimed he confessed to shooting Wilson and acknowledged having a verbal argument with Wilson over money.

Wilson owed Guilfoyle money, and it was a person he knew, so he shot Wilson 17 times, according to court filings. Wilson was shot multiple times, although the exact count is unknown.

A woman who arrived at the site claimed to know Wilson to WLWT. She begged to remain anonymous, but stated that in addition to running a small business in the area, he was also a father. “He was a decent man. He would collaborate with anyone. When my other kids went to him for tattoos but were strapped for cash, he said, “It’s okay, we’ll set up a payment plan,” He was humorous and usually upbeat. He was always a kind person, you know. Never did he intend to harm anyone. He attempted to treat everyone equally “explained the woman.

Monday’s arraignment in Clermont County Municipal Court is planned for Guilfoyle.

News Summary:

  • After a disagreement over money, a local tattoo artist was shot and killed outside of a business
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