AirPop announces Active +, the world’s first ‘Smart Air Wearable’


Given that masks have been such a key part of our lives over the past year or so, it makes sense for various tech companies to tackle space for 2021. Indeed, that’s the case when AirPop announced this week. sound Active + Smart Mask.

Essentially a mask with one app, the Active + comes with disposable, replaceable filters designed to block 99% of particles, including dust, allergens, and microbial particles. Using a built-in Halo sensor, the app will notify users when it’s time to replace filters.

The Active + is washable, is constructed with a medical grade soft touch membrane with a 360 degree seal. A 3D dome structure not only allows for comfortable wearing, but it helps keep the core of the filter out of the face. The app pulls in local air quality information so you can get an idea of ​​the pollutants blocked by the mask.

The AirPop Halo sensor isn’t just for keeping an eye on your filter; it can also work with the app to track metrics such as breaths per minute, breaths per rhythm and …

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  • According to the source AirPop announces Active +, the world’s first ‘Smart Air Wearable’
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