All the ways Windows 10X looks like Chrome OS [Gallery]

All the ways Windows 10X looks like Chrome OS [Gallery]

Windows 10X was originally intended to debut on dual-screen devices, like the Surface Neo, before coming to laptops later. Last May, Microsoft announced a “pivot” to “focus on single-screen Windows 10X devices” amid the work-from-home wave. A “near final version” of Windows 10X has now been leaked and reveals some key similarities to Chrome OS.

Tom Warren of The Verge shared a pair of videos tonight on Twitter showing Windows 10X version. According to a ZDNet report from last July, this operating system is supposed to be launched in the spring and targeted “primarily for businesses (especially frontline workers) and education”. Considering the timing, what is shown today is probably the initial delivered version.

We first see that the Windows 10X home screen consists of a taskbar and a wallpaper. It’s not clear whether files, folders, and apps can be pinned to a desktop, but Chrome OS doesn’t have such a feature either. This approach is simpler to help maintain cross-device …

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