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Allelica Polygenic Risk Score data posted in Circulation

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Rome, Italy, March 8, 2021 – Allelica, a leading genomics software publisher specializing in the development of polygenic risk scores (PRS) for personalized medicine, today announced the publication of a study in Circulation ( Vol. 143, Number 10) showing that the effect of LDL cholesterol on a person’s risk of having a heart attack depends on their genes. Using Allelica’s proprietary PRS analysis software, the data showed that combine information Based on an individual’s genetic risk for a heart attack along with their LDL level helps determine who is most at risk for a heart attack, including those who potentially need treatment with statins or PCSK9 inhibitors. The PRS has also been able to identify people eligible for therapeutic intervention based on current guidelines, which do not include polygenic risk, but are in fact at low risk of heart attack based on their genes. and their LDL levels, which could potentially prevent treatment. A PRS is a measure of a person’s risk of disease based on their genes and relies on the combination of the effects of a large number of genetic variants across the genome.

By demonstrating that an individual’s risk of heart attack depends on an interaction between LDL …

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