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An open source Apple M1 chip is doable

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Researchers are trying to redesign Apple’s M1 chip, which could allow it to be used in open source. In layman’s terms, this would (in theory) make the M1 chip compatible with other operating systems such as Windows 11 and Linux.

A possible and successful result will show that it is possible to make M1 compatible with operating systems other than macOS. However, we do not know when (or if) the project will bear fruit, as the M1.

Reported by Wccftech, a number of researchers and professionals have worked hard to think in and out of Apple’s silicon, with Apple QuickTime developer Maynard Handley publishing a 350-page document online describing the M1 chip and reverse engineering so far.

As such, you can expect it to take a while before we definitely know if Apple’s M1 chip can be made compatible with such as Windows et al. Of course, the project will also involve countless hours of trial and error, progress barriers and other annoyances that come with the complex process of reverse construction.

The M1 chip remains locked and locked at Apple, and will of course be exclusive to macOS devices in the future. Although this has an obvious advantage for the company itself, it is a pity that the impressive power of the M1 will not be available to the vast majority of PC users.

Analysis: If M1 could, then M1 should

It is very unlikely that Apple would greenlight open-source versions of its M1 silicon, which means that the so-called M1 exploration process is likely to remain a passion project more than anything else. Nevertheless, we would very much like to have the opportunity to open an open source M1, and if possible, consumers can report interest directly to Apple.

We can also look at this reverse engineering project as proof of concept for future Apple chips, such as the upcoming M1X and 2022s M2, which are rumored to debut in revised MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models, respectively. Apple is quite infamous when it comes to keeping its toys to itself when it comes to both hardware and software. As such, Apple could double down by making future chips even harder to reverse.

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  • An open source Apple M1 chip is doable
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