Apex Legends’ horizon gets nerfed in season 8

Apex Legends' horizon gets nerfed in season 8

Enjoy Horizon while you can, as it looks like it’s getting nerfed when Apex Legends Season 8 unfolds. One enthusiastic-eyed fan noted on Reddit that the Scotsman has now passed Wraith in terms of win rate, and asked if that means she would get the “Wraith / Pathfinder treatment”. The short answer is yes. Apex Legends live balancing designer John Larson stepped in to explain that “it’s safe to say she’s going to be nerfed,” although the team recognizes how important that is.

“I am categorical not to empty his kit; the synergy between his passive and his tactics is impressive, ”explains Larson. “Looking at his tactics alone, there are all kinds of dials we can turn, including vertical lift speed, horizontal speed / acceleration, ejection speed / time, cool down, weapon accuracy. , And the list is long. You name it, we got it, but some changes are easier to tweak, test, and iterate than others. It’s a work in progress, but staying true to its design intent and how…

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