Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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At auction, a graded Pokemon game fetches a hefty price

Pokemon continues to rank among the top video game franchises of all time, and the secondary market for graded video games has grown significantly in recent years. For anyone with a sealed copy of an older Pokemon game and a recently sold highly valued Wata graded game, that is the ideal mix. A copy of Pokemon FireRed with a 9.6 rating sold at auction earlier this month for $3,109. The Wata 9.6 was offered for sale for the first time, and there were 21 offers before the auction was over.

Some gamers now find the sale of rated video games to be contentious. Longtime supporters of classic video games have expressed displeasure with how prices have risen generally, and there have been claims that the market has been artificially manipulated. In a class-action lawsuit brought earlier this year, Wata Games in particular has been charged with deceiving consumers about the worth of classic video games. Readers can learn more about that lawsuit right here, but if recent auctions for video games like this one for Pokemon FireRed are any indication, their worth isn’t going to decline any time soon.

In 2004, Pokemon FireRed was made available for the Game Boy Advance. The twin games, which debuted alongside Pokemon LeafGreen, provided an improved version of the first Pokemon generation. With the help of the built-in peripheral, FireRed and LeafGreen gave players access to new places and wireless commerce. Trading with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire was arguably the most significant addition for ardent Pokemon fans. Notably, FireRed and LeafGreen provided the sole means to get fan favourites like Charizard, Venusaur, and Blastoise because Ruby and Sapphire did not permit players to import their Pokemon from prior generations.

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  • At auction, a graded Pokemon game fetches a hefty price
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