Friday, January 27, 2023
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Auction of the first commercial signal of Apple Computer and Wozniak Toolbox

January 27, 2023 Maryland auction house Alexander Historical Auctions is internationally known for the sale of historic objects, but Apple, Inc., the world’s largest company, is the first to open a trade show. and the first trademark to be used in its corporate offices. -up- Company in the first few years of the mid-1970s. About three meters long, the sign is made of opaque white plexiglass with lettering and the now-famous multicolored ‘apple’ logo. Housed in the original weathered wood frame. The sign, which accompanied founder Steve Jobs to the first Apple trade show.

This is the battered toolbox co-founder Steve Wozniak used when he was first at the company. A dented, dirty blue box contains one compartment, and the exterior shows scratches, dents, and dirt over the years. It has a very old yellow Dymo label with Wozniak’s name on it. The same engineer at Apple saw the toolbox lying around at Apple for a long time. He asked Wozniak about it and was personally handed a toolbox by Wozniak. Wozniak developed the Apple I and Apple II computers in the mid-1970s and also designed an inexpensive floppy disk drive controller.

Hung in front of the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California for several years afterwards. As the company’s success was assured and provided with a new shield, this first “Apple Computer Inc.” This sign was recovered by an Apple engineer and since 2008 all his about his Apple in Savona, Italy It is on display at the museum. Auctioneer Bill Panagopoulos explains: “This is arguably the most recognizable corporate icon since the origins of what has become the largest and most respected company in world history”. At the same auction is another of his historic Apple artifacts.

This toolbox is also his Apple Computer trademark and was on display at the Cupertino Historical Society. In 1976, Apple Computer Inc. had sales of $175,000. Today, Apple’s revenue is estimated at his $375 million, and the company that started in Steve Jobs’ garage has grown to 164,000 employees worldwide. These historical artifacts are part of a three-day auction featuring over 2,000 lots of historic signs, documents and military items. D-Day is a map and command to the first men to clear the way for those trapped in Omaha Beach.

A bronze statue of Saddam Hussein’s head recovered from a field battle at Baghdad airport. A bottle of Château Lafite Rothschild of the French Revolution, General Erwin Rommel’s epaulettes of the Afrika Korps, a signed warning to his troops that Hitler prophesies his D his Day. An early self-portrait of John Lennon doing the Nazi salute etc.

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  • Auction of the first commercial signal of Apple Computer and Wozniak Toolbox
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