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Audio-Technica reissues the Sound Burger portable record deck from the 1980s

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In honor of its 60th anniversary, Audio-Technica is reissuing the AT-727, its legendary portable turntable better known as the Sound Burger. This time it comes with a few hardware updates for the modern era of music listening for $199.

The 2022 limited edition version of the Sound Burger is nearly identical to the original design and has the same slim case that houses only the center of the record, exposing the record grooves and tonearm. It has a 3.5mm output for direct analog listening, includes a replaceable ATN3600L pickup needle, and can play both 33 1/3- and 45-rpm records. The big change with this anniversary edition is that it is now powered via USB-C and has added Bluetooth capability, making it a little easier to use in today’s technology environment.

Formerly known as Mister Disc, the Sound Burger was Audio-Technica’s answer to the Sony Walkman for vinyl records – a battery-powered turntable that you can plug your headphones into and is portable enough that you can easily transport it from room to room and take it on the go.

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Turntables that are this portable and Bluetooth-enabled at the same time are still hard to come by. I was able to easily take the unit to the park, pair it with my UE Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker, and play multiple records for several hours as long as it was on a flat, stable surface. (Audio-Technica states that the Sound Burger has a 12-hour battery life, which was enough for me to use it all weekend without having to recharge it.

In the early 80s, cassette tapes and Walkmans were the more obvious choice due to their size and durability (you can run with them!), which quickly made the Sound Burger a novelty rather than a practical option. But what about the year 2022? In a post-iPod, cloud-streaming world, using a turntable is all about embracing the new and enjoying the sound quality it offers.

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  • Audio-Technica reissues the Sound Burger portable record deck from the 1980s
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NewsAudio-Technica reissues the Sound Burger portable record deck from the 1980s
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