Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Bahrain Telecom Company Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments

The Bahraini telecoms company Stc Group subsidiary Stc Bahrain recently announced that a cooperation with payment service provider Eazy Financial Services has opened up a possibility for customers to pay bills with cryptocurrency. The telecom company’s action, according to a statement, shows that it is “strongly focused on expanding Bahrain’s fintech sector as world-class digital enablers.”

The CEO of Stc Bahrain, Nezar Banabeela, spoke about the collaboration with Eazy Financial Services and said the following:

In a recent statement, the Bahraini telecom provider Stc Bahrain said that it now takes cryptocurrency, ostensibly becoming the first in the kingdom to do so. The company collaborated with the payment service provider Eazy Financial Services, according to the announcement. According to the release, this agreement enables Stc Bahrain’s customers to pay their invoices using the Binance wallet.

Payments are the most important component of our lives’ rapid digitization, which is taking place all around the world. Almost all digital activities, including online buying, video streaming, and money transfers, depend on a payment mechanism.

In the meantime, Nayef Tawfiq Al Alawi, the founder and CEO of Eazy Financial Services, asserted that the collaboration agreement enables the telecom operator to take cryptocurrency payments but “in a regulated, secure, and incredibly rapid manner.”

Banabeela further asserted that Stc Bahrain’s “strong focus on promoting Bahrain’s fintech sector as world-class digital enablers” is demonstrated by the telecom operator’s decision to accept cryptocurrency payments. Additionally, the CEO stated that his business intends to “expand adoption as crypto is the future of payments” and make accepting cryptocurrencies “a easy procedure.”

Tameem Al Moosawi, general manager at Binance Bahrain, praised Stc Bahrain for taking the initiative and perhaps serving as a model for other telecom companies looking to make the switch to the Web3 economy.

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  • Bahrain Telecom Company Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments
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