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Based on Android 13, Funtouch OS 13 combines Vivo’s design with new and improved customization options

This new work system brings new personalization choices, safety upgrades, and extra user-friendly options for smoother, uninterrupted expertise.

The Funtouch OS 13 offers customers additional visible management of their dwelling screen. With the monochrome icon feature, customers can now change the color of their home display icons to match their background, system and app interfaces, enhancing their creativity and self-expression.

Vivo has formally launched the brand new Funtouch OS 13 for customers overseas. Primarily based on the recently launched Android 13, this enhanced work system combines Vivo’s design-driven value with new and improved personalization choices, upgraded privacy and security measures, and new management options for smoother, uninterrupted expertise. Vivo not only strives to provide customers with accessible expertise but also to enable them to specify their creativity and uniqueness via their devices.

In addition, the new system allows customers to customize the colors of their system UI and built-in apps, along with their notification panels, quantity management, calculator and clock. It can leverage the colors of customers’ most popular backgrounds and themes to pick the right hue and apply it to the app interface to give the system an additional look of its own.

The brand-new app pinning feature helps keep sensitive knowledge safe, offering customers more peace of mind regarding their security and privacy. When another person uses the system, the two-level pinning feature keeps the chosen app in view and prevents access to other apps on the system.

Extra safety and security:

This feature provides more flexibility, allowing the owner to set parameters and manage the allowed actions within the pinned app when other people are using the system.

This replacement also allows customers to cover photos and movies and selectively select access to specific images for different purposes, stopping unwanted viewing on their devices and improving privacy security.

Enhanced controls and user-friendly options for greater convenience: To create additional streamlined expertise for Vivo customers, Funtouch OS 13 also offers enhanced software management, the iManager, which can help monitor app usage time. If CPU usage is too high, customers can shut down that software with a tap. iManager can stop overheating by lowering the variety of functional purposes and adjusting CPU frequency primarily based on the phone’s cooling function.

Along with climate updates, the dashboard also options an AQI map for health-conscious customers who want to immediately examine the latest data regarding air quality with an in-depth PM2.5 index accessible. With Vivo’s well-known premium cellular imagery expertise, new photo and video upgrades are expected. The experienced viewfinder makes images simpler with a brand-new stabilization ring that helps mitigate the results of shaky palms.

The brand-new OS has also refined video modification, allowing customers to mute the video’s audio while changing images and even make exact quantitative changes to any part of the video, making professional filmmaking easier. In terms of accessibility controls, improvements have been made with color correction and inversion, in addition to the choice to remove animations for customers with specific needs, such as visual impairments.

Funtouch OS 13 may be available from Oct. 24, 2022, starting with the X80 Professional. Vivo will offer Funtouch OS 13 step by step to more customers worldwide with probably the most revolutionary experience yet.

News Summary:

  • Based on Android 13, Funtouch OS 13 combines Vivo’s design with new and improved customization options
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