Benchmark of Macbook vs. Macbook Pro

Benchmark of Macbook vs. Macbook Pro

Hi there all!

I have a Macbook 12″ 2016 and a Macbook Pro 13,3 2015 variation. I have considered upgrade the Macbook 12 to a new Macbook Air M1 given that this is having actually sluggish. If i link it to a external monitor on my desk this suck all the ability out of it.

So i ran a few of benchmark exam to affirm my assumtion and could buy a new 1 with “proof” in my hand of lack of speed But both equally on Cinebench and Novabench the slow Macbook 12″ scored superior then the Macbook Professional..!Why??Consumer practical experience on these to is really noticable, but how could this score be true?


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