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Best Earbuds Under $200

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Want to know the best earbuds under $200 in 2020? You’ve come to the right place because we’ve just updated our list with a lot of great earbuds. The earbud market has warmed up and there are more and more brands coming out with models that just a few years ago would cost 3-4 times the prices listed below. This has now become one of the most competitive price categories in portable audio. I know choosing the best set of earbuds for your money isn’t easy, but stay here with me because everything on this list is something I have personally tested.

Best Earbuds Under $200

These earbuds don’t go in any particular order, these are all great, but read the description to find out if they are something you or a loved one are going to like. If you need any more advice, leave a comment or question below and I’ll get back to you with my recommendations as soon as possible.

1. Sony WF-1000XM3

The Sony WF-1000XM3 is the best true wireless earbuds you can buy in 2020, hands down. Considering the fact that it is still rare to get noise cancellation in wired earbuds, the fact that Sony managed to wrap it in a pair that is not only wireless but true wireless is very impressive. While models like the AirPods Pro have tried to replicate this, Sony is still at the top of the true wireless table.

That’s because the Sony WF-1000XM3 is able to offer a level of noise cancellation that is exceptionally good for a pair of earbuds – they do not offer the same isolation as a pair of over-ear headphones, but are a worthy trade-in for that slimmer form. Sony really hit the ball rolling with the WF-1000XM3, with a fist-turning musicality and sleek design. The battery life is above average, and that compact charging case is also pretty smooth.

Continuously improving, a recent update has brought the volume control of the buds themselves, as well as the support of Amazon Alexa. These earbuds might get even better in the near future; on March 5, the earbuds appeared briefly on the Qualcomm website, suggesting that the Sony WF-1000XM3 is about to get aptX HD support – and thus Hi-Res Audio support as well.

2. 1More Quad Driver

For some time now, one of the best earphones under $200 has been the 1 More Quad driver. It is absolutely a sample of an earphone when it comes to building, style, and sound. Now in 2020, the price is lower than ever to remain competitive, but it is still one of the best cables down earphones for the money. The reason these earphones are so good is not only because of their performance but also because they have a very special feeling when you unpack them. Overall, this is one of the best earbuds under $200.

3. Sennheiser IE60

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You can consider the Sennheiser IE60 as one of the best earbuds under $200 for a number of reasons. First of all, we are big Senny fans, and although we don’t always choose and choose based on the brand, we are confident that we can trust them because of their reputation. They are designed with high-end neodymium magnets and dynamic drivers, giving them a strong and clear audio output. When you use them, you’ll enjoy a strong, high-fidelity sound and true bass response with sound isolation.

They are designed to be rugged with a durable casing and a sturdy cable. These earphones also come with a protective housing, several ear adapter sets, a pair of ear hooks, a cable clamp, and a cleaning solution.

4. Bose SoundSport Earbuds

Then, if you need more of a sports-inspired earphone, Bose SoundSport is the right choice for you like the best earbuds under $200. They’re designed to fit your fitness needs while staying securely in place even during vigorous and strenuous activities, or if you’re just the type to need more safety than others. The sound reproduction is full and balanced, something you can’t find with conventional earplugs. They are designed to be weather and sweat-resistant, so you can use them comfortably, even during vigorous exercises where you’ll sweat a lot.

5. Jabra Elite 65t

When it comes to the best earbuds under $200 and you want a more modern, truly wireless headset, you can choose the Jabra Elite 65t, which is designed for the ultimate experience in wireless music and calls. These wireless earbuds are highly efficient when you’re communicating with people as you’ll clearly hear and be heard. They have effective wind noise cancellation because they are designed using a specific four-microphone technology. The advanced 6mm speakers are good for blocking or letting in ambient noise.

6. Marshall Minor II

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You can also consider Marshall Minor II as one of the best earbuds under $200. Although not typically known for their earphones, we’re in love with many of their models if you haven’t read our other headphone guides. These wireless headphones are designed to be light in the ears and heavy in the sound. They’re designed using ‘Qualcomm aptX technology’, and they offer 12 hours of playing time from a single battery charge (they also come with quick charge functionality). For ergonomics, they use a custom-designed earwax system with a loop to adjust for a perfect fit.

7. Audio-Technica ATH-E40

The Audio-Technica ATH-E40 is one of the best earbuds under $200, and these use an enhanced two-stage push-pull driver, allowing these in-ear headphones to deliver better audio fidelity. They offer a powerful base with highly balanced high and mid frequencies. Using these earbuds you will truly enjoy the true emotion of the music you are listening to. The housing of this pair of earplugs is custom made to provide incredible isolation. This is made possible by the use of four different sizes of silicone earplugs designed for a customized fit.

8. JayBird X3

Every industry has a number of brands that you can trust no matter what. JayBird has built that kind of trust over the years by introducing quality and innovative wireless solutions when it comes to earplug design. Their X3 series has proven to be an impressive set that brings just about all the bells and whistles you could want in a wireless pair. It doesn’t take long to realize that JayBird X3 is mainly designed for active users who need comfort, a good fit but also a little more protection against things like sweat. Overall, this is one of the best earbuds under $200.

9. V-MODA Zn Earbuds

The V-MODA earbuds are known for the production of advanced mobile audio products with excellent sound quality. The new Zn Audiophile headphones are in focus when you’re wondering if the in-ear style contains the distinctive sound of the company. The build quality of the ear hooks is solid, and the sound quality seems lively, robust, and lively. V-MODA treats its products as fashion accessories. The Zn earphones are no exception. They have an impressive design and appearance. Overall, this is one of the best earbuds under $200.

10. MEE Audio Pinnacle P1

The MEE Pinnacle P1 earphones should be your first choice if you are a music lover and have an ear for better sound quality. It is the flagship headset of the company that has come to perfection after two years of effort behind the design, engineering, and refinement. The MEE team knows how to adjust the audio presentation to go into direct contact with music lovers. The technicians have also focused on quality, which results in a stable earbud that is ready for abuse. Overall, this is one of the best earbuds under $200.

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