Best Gaming Keyboards

The best gaming keyboards ensure significantly improved performance and gaming experience. Great gaming keyboards designed specifically for gaming are light years ahead in performance, accuracy, and functionality. They are also generally more durable and reliable. So the best gaming keyboards are more than an excuse to flaunt fancy RGB lighting. They may not turn you into an elite player overnight.

However, they will certainly give you an edge over other players with features such as faster key presses, N-key flipping, and macro programming. What’s more, they make every dive into the best PC games that much more enjoyable and immersive.

Best Gaming Keyboards

Whether you’re fighting in first-person shooting or just want to improve your typing experience, here are the best gaming keyboards we’ve tested. They offer an optimal combination of responsiveness, functionality, and style. Also, check our list of the best wireless gaming keyboards and best gaming headsets.

1. Patriot Viper V765

Best Gaming Keyboard

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The Patriot Memory is better known for its RAM and storage capacity than its peripherals, but the Viper V765 offers an unmatched feel in an attractive and very affordable package, making it the best gaming keyboard for most people. It’s the only consumer keyboard we’ve seen that uses the white Kailh Box keys, which are faster than ordinary blue or green keys thanks to their slightly reduced stroke of 3.6 mm (compared to 4 mm in competitors’ keyboards). The keys are the most responsive we’ve tested and even produce a more pleasant click sound than you’ll find elsewhere.

The superb switches alone make the Viper V765 worth buying, but it’s also a great looking device. The full-sized keyboard has an aluminum top surface with tapered edges that give it the appearance of a metallic spaceship. The vibrating RGB keys offer dozens of different light combinations, as well as the ability to create your own color patterns. The Viper software isn’t a house to type, but you don’t even need to install it to be able to use most lighting effects. Best of all, this water and dustproof IP56 keyboard sell for about $100 when most competitors cost much more. Overall, this is one of the best gaming keyboards.

2. Logitech G915 TKL

Best TKL Wireless Gaming Keyboard

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The recently released G915 TKL completes Logitech’s ranking in the top three wireless gaming keyboards. Like its big brother, it has the same great Lightspeed wireless connection and the same quality of construction and design. That means you get separate media controls and an aluminum-on-plastic chassis that makes it very rugged. You also get the new Logitech switches, which are closer to the Cherry MX design than the original Romer-G switches.

The Logitech GL, a variant of the Kailh Shock switch, is one of the best short-battery switches on the market, and it’s as responsive as it really is. But some sacrifices have to be made for the compact nature of the keyless design, and that means there is no macro key. Well, no physical keys anyway. Macros are now a secondary function of F keys, and you can switch to Logitech G software to prioritize them. Overall, this is one of the best gaming keyboards.

3. Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

One of the best wireless gaming keyboard

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If you want the same experience as your full-size mechanical gaming keyboard, but just want to cut the cord, the Razer Black Widow V3 Pro is the best wireless gaming keyboard for you. While some wireless keyboards are designed for travel, the BlackWidow V3 Pro offers all the size, bulk, and functionality of a full-size mechanical keyboard, including a touch-sensitive dial and premium volume, additional multimedia keys, an aluminum top plate, and double-sided ABS plastic keys.

Razer has spared no expense on this gaming keyboard, featuring four onboard memory profiles and vibrating RGB lighting per key. However, the RGB does not stick to the profiles. So RGB fanatics will have to rely on software to couple the RGB, including custom effects, to the profiles. With RGB at its maximum and without dimming effects, our BlackWidow V3 Pro test unit lasted an average of 14 hours, but you can get up to 25 hours with RGB using the power saving settings. Overall, this is one of the best gaming keyboards.

4. SteelSeries Apex Pro

Taking magnetism to another level

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Apex Pro can be built around one main function (its ability to individually define the action point of each key), but it is also an incredibly solid and competitive gaming keyboard, even without this revolutionary customization. That said, the ability to adjust the activation point on a key-by-key basis is a real godsend, especially for those who split their time between typing and playing.

If you’re struggling to choose between a linear switch and a touch switch, Apex Pro offers a hybrid that can satisfy both needs in the same model. Set a deeper action for typing, or higher when you need to spam keys in a MOBA or MMO. Or if you find that you frequently hit a particular key by accident and blow your reload, you can set it individually to require you to reach the bottom, so you really have to push it intentionally. Overall, this is one of the best gaming keyboards.

5. HyperX Alloy Origins

Best Mainstream Gaming Keyboard

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HyperX Alloy Origins’ compact, high-quality construction makes it the best gaming keyboard for ordinary gamers who simply want to get started with gaming. It’s comfortable with a premium look and feels from its keys to its frame and vibrant RGB lighting. If you’re familiar with the linear keys, you’ll feel comfortable with the red keys on this keyboard. We also tested the more clickable version with the Aqua HyperX switches, available on Amazon and in the HyperX store.

But for over $100, you can find gaming keyboards with more luxuries, such as media control buttons, a USB port (to easily plug in another accessory, such as your best gaming mouse), or more advanced software. But what Alloy Origins offers is excellent performance. In addition, HyperX offers a keyless (no numeric keypad) version of this cheaper keyboard, the HyperX Alloy Origins Core for $90. Overall, this is one of the best gaming keyboards.

6. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Best Gaming Keyboard Splurge

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When you want to go the extra mile and outclass yourself, it’s hard to find a more upscale option than the Corsair K95 Platinum. But beware, it’s a large keyboard: its enormous size still requires some clearance from the desktop before it can be nested comfortably. But when it comes to functionality, the K95 Platinum has it all. Dedicated media controls and a USB port, a metal volume wheel, RGB lighting. It even comes with an extra set of textured caps for the WASD keys.

We also like its removable wrist rest, which makes things super comfortable for long gaming sessions (and this keyboard is really fantastic for long-term strategy and MMO sessions). The rubberized wrist rest attaches magnetically and has two contrasting textures: one smooth side and one rough side. To change sides, simply flip it over, and the extra comfort it provides is exceptional. Overall, this is one of the best gaming keyboards.

7. Razer Cynosa Chroma

The best gaming keyboard for membrane enthusiasts

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If even membrane wrenches don’t suit you, and you require a complete experience in hitting and playing with membranes, the Razer Cynosa is the game for you. I know there are people who prefer the soft embrace of a pure membrane switch, and that’s fine. It’s every man for himself. The Cynosa is one of the most comfortable and discreet membrane switches I’ve ever tested. At a selling price of $60, it’s one of the most affordable gaming keyboards out there (well, beyond a certain quality threshold).

While it doesn’t have all the features found on game keyboards today, such as a dedicated wrist rest or multimedia controls, it does have Razer’s RGB lighting, which can be programmed by key or zone. It’s a solid, no-frills, good-looking keyboard, which is the best membrane option of a wide range I’ve tested. There is an upgraded version of the Cynosa, but for an extra $20, the only real addition is the RGB lighting. Overall, this is one of the best gaming keyboards.

8. Logitech G915

Another wireless gaming keyboard

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The type of connectivity is also another means of communication, such as Bluetooth, a USB dongle, or other means. USB dongles are devices that are not latent and cannot be connected to other devices but can be connected to a spare USB port. Bluetooth wireless keyboards have often been the opposite of what a gaming keyboard should be, but Logitech’s latest wireless technology, integrated into the G915, is designed to break that notion. The unobtrusive design has all the attributes of the best mechanical gaming keyboards available: a variety of mechanical switches, dedicated macro keys, multimedia controls, and full RGB lighting per key.

The G915 is thin, but remarkably dense, and weighs a little more than you would expect from its appearance. The aluminum-on-plastic frame is incredibly sturdy and looks like a modern work of art (in a good way). The real test, however, is battery life. Fortunately, the G915 passes with flying colors, with a life of over 30 hours and full RGB brightness on a single charge. Turning off the RGB light extends that life considerably, allowing it to run for up to 100 hours without being recharged. Overall, this is one of the best gaming keyboards.

9. Razer Huntsman Elite

The best gaming keyboard to actuate at the speed of light

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The Razer Huntsman family of keyboards is the only place in the world to find their optomechanical switch, and it is one of the best (and most technologically interesting) switches on the market. The optomechanical construction avoids traditional metal contacts and is activated by a light beam that propagates through the switch when the key is pressed, which means that actuation is almost instantaneous.

The other major advantage of eliminating all the relatively fragile and thin metal contacts from the switch is that they are twice as durable as standard mechanical switches, up to 100 million keystrokes. They are tactile switches that operate with a force of 1.5 mm and 45 g, which means they are ridiculously easy to spam while providing tactile feedback. They are also very useful for typing, for the same reason. Overall, this is one of the best gaming keyboards.

10. Cooler Master CK552

Best Gaming Keyboard on Budget

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Some of the best gaming keyboards are very expensive. If you’re not ready to break the piggy bank for a keyboard, the Cooler Master CK552 is for you. You get a full-size keyboard with an aluminum top plate, which is often reserved for expensive keyboards and shows welcome longevity. The CK552 also features several switching options. Available with Gateron brand linear, clickable, or tactile keys, you should enjoy an excellent mechanical experience, even though the finicky people may find that it is not as stable or high-end as other brands of mechanical keys, such as Cherry MX.

As far as games are concerned, the Gateron Red switches we tested sometimes resulted in typing errors. But the CK552 also has up to four on-board memory profiles and on-the-fly macro recording, plus one RGB per key to compensate for any feelings of inferiority when it comes to gaming. The Cooler Master CK552 can also work with Cooler Master Portal software, although this is not as advanced as competing for peripheral software. Overall, this is one of the best gaming keyboards.

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