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Each of our selections for the best mouse can make even the most daunting job a little easier. While almost every office offers you a cheap and forgettable peripheral, you don’t have to settle for an inferior mouse, especially if you’re doing graphics or video editing. This page also features our selections for the best wireless mouse. It’s especially useful to have one of our selections for the best mouse if you’re working from home.

If your home computer is a laptop, you may not even have an inconspicuous mouse because you’ve turned to a touchpad instead. But no touchpad can replace the speed, accuracy, and versatility of a good mouse. If you’re looking for a mouse that can handle everything you throw at it, we have compiled a list of the best mice for various uses. If you have a lot of money to spend, you can get something exceptional – but even if you’re on a tight budget, you can take a big step forward with a touchpad.

Best Mouse of 2020

Whether you want something complex or simple, there’s (probably) a much better mouse than the one you’re currently using. For gaming options, check our best gaming mice page.

1. Logitech MX Master 3

The best mouse overall

Players must also do work. If you’re looking for a mouse that can manage work time, the Logitech MX Master 3 is the best mouse for you. It impresses with its innovative electromagnetic wheel and its ability to control up to 3 PCs simultaneously, including file, text, and image transfer. Plus, it’s wireless and offers a dongle or Bluetooth connection.

Although it is not explicitly designed for gaming, it offers application-based programmability for its 6 buttons, as well as a comfortable thumb rest and raised design that allows your thumb and fingers to rest comfortably during long gaming sessions. Plus, it works on almost any surface, allowing you to play on your desk, couch, and anywhere else. Don’t expect the competitive performance of a real gaming mouse, which you’ll prefer if you’re a serious gamer.

2. Logitech M325

The best budget mouse

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If you walk into an electronics store and draw a line for laptop mice, the Logitech M325 is probably the first thing you’ll see. This mouse is inexpensive and ubiquitous, but its popularity is quite large. This little gadget is optimized for laptops, making it ideal for frequent travelers or workers with limited workspace at home. It is also extremely comfortable and offers a DPI resolution just high enough to comfortably scroll across a screen without overwhelming your target. It’s probably one of the best wireless mice for its price.

With a durable 2.4 GHz wireless dongle, you can use the wireless mouse anywhere. With a battery life of 18 months, you’ll rarely need to replace the device’s single AA battery. Another advantage of the M325 is that, unlike many other productivity mice, it’s available in several colors: red, blue, purple, and pink. Logitech also produces very similar mice in its Party and Doodle collections, which decorate their mice with floral and cartoon designs.

3. Microsoft Classic Intellimouse

The best classic mouse

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If you like old school technology, you can’t argue with a classic. The Microsoft Classic Intellimouse is one of Microsoft’s most popular mouse models, which was launched in 1996. This time around, the Intellimouse features an attractive gray and black chassis, a soft grip, and customizable DPI settings. In addition, the Microsoft Intellimouse mouse has equipped the device with BlueTrack technology, which means that the sensor follows movement precisely, even on glass surfaces.

Because the Classic Intellimouse has a long body, it is ideal for users with a palm or fingertip grip. Even better: The device still functions as a gaming mouse, just like its 1996 counterpart, thanks to its ergonomic design and programmable thumb buttons. When it comes to clean, comfortable, and smear-free peripherals, Microsoft has been showing us how for over 20 years. There is also the Microsoft Pro Intellimouse if you want a chassis with a color gradient.

4. Logitech MX Vertical

The best ergonomic productivity mouse

The Logitech MX Vertical turns the idea of an ergonomic mouse on its head, or more precisely on its side. This mouse is essentially what would happen if you crushed a productivity mouse and then made it stand upright. It’s a little hard to describe, but as soon as you see the MX Vertical in action, you’ll know right away if it’s right for you. If ordinary mice strain your wrists with small, repetitive movements, the MX Vertical can help. It forces you to move your entire hand, minimizing the strain on a single muscle.

Plus, the mouse is a classic Logitech premium-quality mouse, with adjustable DPI, durable build quality, and robust software that lets you drag and drop files to two computers with Logitech Flow. It’s perhaps one of the best mice for workers with wrist strain problems.

5. SteelSeries Rival 3

Best Budget Gaming Mouse

The SteelSeries Rival 3 is the best gaming mouse for those on a limited budget. It is available for only $44 at the time of writing. The optical sensor here is only 8,500 CPI, which is low compared to the other mice shown on this page, such as the 20,000 CPI Razer DeathAdder V2. But for casual gamers, this will do the trick. Unfortunately, CPI adjustments are difficult because of a small CPI button, but the response was excellent in our tests.

You will also want to note that its speed of 300 IPS is only possible with the SteelSeries QcK series gaming mousepads, but fortunately, these represent some of the best RGB mousepads available, according to our tests. The most difficult part of playing with the Rival 3 was its 2.5-meter long rubber USB cable, which was a noticeable drag compared to braided cables (or a wireless connection). But at least you get three customizable RGB zones and a comfortable grip.

6. Apple Magic Mouse 2

The best Magic Mouse for Apple

The Apple Magic Mouse 2 does not work like most of the other mice on this list. Unlike our other best mice selections, the Magic Mouse doesn’t have a wide, comfortable profile or use extra buttons. Instead, it takes a “less is more” approach, with an extremely slim design and attention to gesture controls. Plug the Magic Mouse 2 into a Mac and you’ll be able to navigate documents, websites, and media by simply moving your fingers, rather than having to point and click.

Of course, there is little reason to buy the Magic Mouse 2 if you don’t have an Apple device, as it has no special features on Windows PCs. It is also quite expensive, especially considering the minimalist design of the mouse. But if you want something sleek, rational, and optimized for Apple devices, the Magic Mouse 2 is a respectable choice.

7. Razer Pro Click

Razer goes to work

Why choose mediocrity when you can have an amazing, feature-rich, highly functional productivity mouse? If macros are your life-whether you do a lot of video editing or rely heavily on graphic design-this is the mouse of your dreams, with 8 fully programmable buttons at your disposal. Razer also gives it 16,000 dpi resolution for the smoothest, fastest experience, and uses multi-host connectivity because it knows you’re a multi-tasking machine that uses multiple devices at once. Of course, as a professional or modern design, you do things in style, and this mouse has that, too, with its beautiful, elegant white-on-gray design.

8. Logitech M330 Silent Plus

The best cheap mouse

If you are looking for something that has been seen and not heard, then this is the best mouse for you. Because the Logitech M330 Silent Plus is so compact and quiet, it’s the perfect mouse for use on an airplane tray next to a sleeping neighbor or in a coffee shop. Just slip it into your laptop bag when you’re ready to go. Weighing less than a quarter-pound, you won’t even notice the extra bulk. It’s the perfect mouse for working at home, too.

9. Razer Viper Ultimate

Best Gaming Mouse

The best mouse for gaming we tested is the Razer Viper Ultimate. This wireless model is a great choice for gamers, whether you play FPS games or MMOs. Although it’s lightweight and made of plastic, it looks rugged and well constructed, while its low-profile design allows for a good grip at your fingertips. It can be used wirelessly via its proprietary receiver, which also serves as a charging station. Its cable is a great improvement over previous versions, as it is lightweight and does not create resistance.

Its performance is exceptional and it has one of the widest ranges of CPIs we have tested, which can be customized precisely enough to meet your needs. The maximum query rate is also very high, which should allow for smooth cursor movements. Its click latency is amazing whether you use it wired or wireless. All the buttons can be reprogrammed, and although there is no dedicated profile change button, you can assign one in the companion software Razer Synapse 3 and save it in the on-board memory.

10. Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB

Best MMO Mouse

The Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB is the best mouse for the MMOs we tested. It was designed for MMOs and has an adjustable 12-button side panel on the left side, giving you a wide range of options to suit your playing style. It’s also very solid and robust, with no slack inside. It has a very wide IPC range that can be adjusted in increments of one in its companion software, where you can also set its take-off distance. In addition, the high polling rate allows smooth cursor movements. Click latency is also low enough so that most players don’t notice any delay when playing.

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