Best Pentax Cameras

Although the Pentax may not quite live up to its glorious past as a rival to Canon and Nikon, it still produces fantastic digital SLRs that many photographers highly recommend. Add to that the many fantastic Pentax lenses available in K-mount, and Pentax is starting to become a tempting option for photographers, especially those on a tighter budget. And today, we are here with our list of the best Pentax cameras that you can buy.

With the news that Pentax will soon release a new flagship product, the APS-C DSLR, interest in the excellent stability of Pentax DSLRs and medium-format cameras have increased, with particular attention being paid to the excellent (and wide) range of Pentax lenses available. With a brand with such a long and distinguished history, there are simply many K-mount lenses, new and old, to choose from.

Best Pentax Cameras

Since Pentax DSLRs are generally rugged cameras designed for the outdoors, any adventurous outdoor photographer should find plenty to love. Now, let’s have a look at the best Pentax cameras.

1. Pentax K-70

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With its rugged construction, semi-professional standard, and smart design, the K-70 is probably the best Pentax camera that amateur photographers can buy, as its weather-resistant exterior is a rarity at its price. It also features an integrated image stabilization system (IBIS) with performance equivalent to 4.5 EV and, for traditionalists, an optical viewfinder with a field of view of nearly 100%. With a proposed 11-point AF system, the Pentax uses a hybrid combination of phase-detecting AF and contrast-detecting AF for live shooting.

We are used to mirrorless cameras with modest autonomy, so the 480 shots proposed here seem correct, although it is a bit disappointing for a DSLR. Nevertheless, if you add to that a variable-angle LCD screen and a picture output that requires very little or no adjustments, the K-70 proves to be one of the most reliable and consistent DSLRs you can buy. Overall, this is one of the best Pentax cameras.

2. Pentax KP

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Compact, rugged, and feature-rich, like the cheaper K-70, this angled DSLR offers built-in image stabilization, rugged weatherproof construction with 67 seals, and a light sensitivity setting of up to ISO 819,200 for easy performance in low light. Like the K-70, the KP offers a relatively modest battery performance of 390 shots but unfortunately does not offer the hybrid AF functionality of its brother.

It does, however, offer an interesting range of photographic options, including depth-of-field and motion bracketing, as well as a generous trio of control wheels for those of us who like to get our hands on it. Like other Pentax cameras you can buy, the KP consistently delivers beautiful images with high contrast and good exposure, which ultimately makes it a good alternative to the usual suspects. Overall, this is one of the best Pentax cameras.

3. Pentax K-1 Mark II

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Another classic DSLR option for those looking for the best Pentax cameras to buy, offering many features while handling itself in a way that is familiar to photo enthusiasts. Again, as it is a Pentax, we have built-in vibration reduction, but the real selling point is the full-frame sensor with its 36.4 million pixel resolution. The scissor-action rear screen and extended exposure modes, as well as the two SD card slots, are also impressive.

It’s not all good news; the camera only offers a modest maximum burst speed of 4.4 fps in full-frame, which, while sufficient, won’t impress sports or action photographers. There’s also no phase-detection hybrid AF system for its live view mode and “only” Full HD video capability rather than 4K, but we’re fortunate to have the same precise and powerful 33-point AF system as its predecessor. But at the end of the day, excellent image quality at an affordable price awaits you with this Pentax DSLR.

4. Pentax 645Z

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If it’s a high-resolution Pentax camera you need above all else, you’ll be happy to know that this medium-format option handles a bit like a larger version of the Pentax K-3 DSLR – which means it’s not too intimidating for those who take the plunge. The 645Z, which replaced the old 645D, is rugged to the touch and weatherproof. It’s not afraid of rain, and it’s also one of the most affordable MF units on the market. It’s also flexible, allowing you to shoot up to 10 Raw files or 30 high-quality JPEGs at its maximum capture speed of 3 frames per second.

Although this is not the same as a high-end DSLR, most people will not buy a medium format camera whose priority is speed, but rather resolution. Creative flexibility extends to the possibility of having a 3.3-inch tilt screen here, which is both capable of capturing live images and facilitating the recording of Full HD movies, for which a stereo microphone port is provided. Overall, this is one of the best Pentax cameras.

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