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Best Studio Monitors Under $100

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Who says cheaper studio monitors won’t make it? Today, we’ll tell you about the best studio monitors under $100. Certainly, the more expensive options may have better construction, higher quality materials, and most of them may even come with irresistible additional features. But that doesn’t mean cheap monitors can’t get the job done. If you give priority to the feature over the luxury features, then there is absolutely no reason why you should have to pay hundreds on a studio monitor.

Thanks to the simpler and cheaper production costs, more and more people can now buy a studio monitor, whether for home video entertainment or other forms of multimedia.

Best Studio Monitors Under $100

So if you’re on a tight budget but in urgent need of a good studio monitor that still gets the job done, take a look at our list of the best studio monitors under $100. However, for high-end options, visit our Best Studio Monitors page.

1. PreSonus Eris E3.5

Whether you are looking for a pair of studio monitors to watch movies or produce music on a professional scale, the PreSonus Eris E3.5 is one of the best studio monitors under $100. Not only does it have a sleek and compact design that saves you more space, but it also has a list of winning features that will get the job done. The Eris 3.5 is the entry-level model in the PreSonus Eris series, but that doesn’t mean it’s less than the others. Like the other models, the Eris 3.5 has a super convenient front panel design with the stereo auxiliary input, headphone jack, volume, power on/off, all strategically placed for easy access.

2. Edifier R1280T

If you are looking for something that looks a little different than your usual studio monitor design, you will love the stylish Edifier R1280T. It has a beautiful wooden casing in a retro design that is compatible with any home interior. It also has a perfect size that doesn’t take up too much space and doesn’t clash with the overall look of your home. But make no mistake, the Edifier R1280T doesn’t just look beautiful. These powerful bookshelf speakers are super versatile, with a 4-inch bass driver and a calibrated, flared bass port – a perfect combo for delivering rugged, rich bass. Overall, this is one of the best studio monitor speakers under $100.

3. Mackie Studio Monitor CR3

Mackie studio monitors are very popular with different types of consumers. The high-end models are trusted and loved by audiophiles and professionals alike. It’s a good thing that such a high-end studio monitor is now available for a budget-friendly price. Although the CR3 has a cheaper price tag, it still has the same consistent sound quality as the other models in the Mackie catalog. The only difference is that the CR3 only covers the basics. It has premium components that promise optimal sound performance. It also has an ultra-wide frequency range (80 Hz – 20 kHz). Overall, this is one of the best studio monitors under $100.

4. M-Audio AV32

M-Audio AV32 were, and still are, some of them go-to monitor speakers in the affordable segment. You get that standard 3″ woofer, 1″ tweeter configuration, but with a twist. M-Audio has used a pretty aggressive waveguide design that opens up the stage a little when you need to hear everything in your mix. What this speaker lacks are features. However, at this price, we can’t complain. With 20 watts of power combined, you’re looking at a pretty decent output for use in smaller studios. It may take you some time to position it where you get the best results, but that’s the way it is. Overall, this is one of the best studio monitor speakers under $100.

5. Behringer 1C-BK

Behringer is a term when it comes to speakers, so it’s no surprise to find one on this list. In my opinion, the 1C-BK is one of the best options under $100 from Behringer. First of all, it has a super attractive and modern design. Coupled with great quality construction and premium components, the 1C-BK is an automatic winner. These multifunctional 2-way studio monitors are so versatile that they can be used for multimedia, home recording studios, audio-video productions, and as surround sound systems. Either way, this is one of the best studio monitors under $100.

6. Samson MediaOne M30

The Samson brand is another audiophile favorite. It may have a modest price tag and a design that looks too simple, but don’t let that fool you. The MediaOne M30 is an audio wonder that is a perfect companion for all your desktop and multimedia applications. These compact, full-range speakers are also perfect for listening to music, watching videos, gaming, and even producing tracks. The M30 has an internal amplifier and is made from premium components that result in bigger, louder sounds. It has a 20W output (10 for each), 3-inch polypropylene woofers with butyl surround, and 3/4-inch silk dome tweeters. Overall, this is one of the best studio monitor speakers under $100.

7. Behringer MS16

Here’s another selection of the Behringer brand you’re sure to like. If you are looking for a pair of speakers with reliable durability and quality, then the MS16 is for you. This compact stereo system works great for home studios, multimedia applications, voice monitoring, and much more. With its powerful 4-inch woofers and high-resolution tweeters, you’ll get consistent, high-quality sound every time you connect. Either way, this is one of the best studio monitors under $100.

8. Samson MediaOne BT3

They say that people tend to keep the very best for last, and that may be true for this studio monitor roundup. It is difficult to choose from very promising options, but we think it would be appropriate to end with the Samson MediaOne BT3. This 2-way active studio monitor features a sleek, all-black, satin vinyl finish. It features rear-molded, precision-tuned port housings, metal grills for a solid woofer, and tweeter protection. The MediaOne BT3 also features 15W per channel RMS with 30W per channel Peak. The system also features a passive crossover design for linear response from top to bottom. Overall, this is one of the best studio monitor speakers under $100.

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