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Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards

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The best wireless gaming keyboards are not a necessity in all the way the best wireless gaming headset or best wireless mouse could be, but if you’re going for the complete minimal desktop aesthetics then you want the completely cable-free trifecta. It’s not a question of performance or even utility for the most part, but removing the cable may provide a little more flexibility for lounge gaming or help to keep your desk free.

There’s also nothing more to lose from cutting the cord. The best wireless gaming keyboard provides a fast gaming response. Wireless keyboards have come a long way: We’re no longer living in the days when the battery lasts an hour, the battery runs slow, and reliability is poor. Today, there’s virtually no difference between a wired gaming keyboard and the best wireless keyboards. So why the cables?

Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards

Connectivity type is the main consideration, whether it’s Bluetooth, a USB dongle, or both. USB dongles have slightly lower latency and are generally faster to set up, but you’ll be limited to devices that have a spare USB port. Bluetooth connections can be a reliable choice but can be problematic if you have many Bluetooth devices nearby. With that in mind, here are the best wireless gaming keyboards that you can buy right now.

1. Logitech G915

The type of connectivity is also another means of communication, such as Bluetooth, a USB dongle, or other means. USB dongles are devices that are not latent and cannot be connected to other devices but can be connected to a spare USB port. Bluetooth wireless keyboards have often been the opposite of what a gaming keyboard should be, but Logitech’s latest wireless technology, integrated into the G915, is designed to break that notion. The unobtrusive design has all the attributes of the best mechanical gaming keyboards available: a variety of mechanical switches, dedicated macro keys, multimedia controls, and full RGB lighting per key.

The G915 is thin, but remarkably dense, and weighs a little more than you would expect from its appearance. The aluminum-on-plastic frame is incredibly sturdy and looks like a modern work of art (in a good way). The real test, however, is battery life. Fortunately, the G915 passes with flying colors, with a life of over 30 hours and full RGB brightness on a single charge. Turning off the RGB light extends that life considerably, allowing it to run for up to 100 hours without being recharged. Overall, this is one of the best wireless gaming keyboards.

2. Logitech G915 TKL

The recently released G915 TKL completes Logitech’s ranking in the top three wireless gaming keyboards. Like its big brother, it has the same great Lightspeed wireless connection and the same quality of construction and design. That means you get separate media controls and an aluminum-on-plastic chassis that makes it very rugged. You also get the new Logitech switches, which are closer to the Cherry MX design than the original Romer-G switches.

The Logitech GL, a variant of the Kailh Shock switch, is one of the best short-battery switches on the market, and it’s as responsive as it really is. But some sacrifices have to be made for the compact nature of the keyless design, and that means there is no macro key. Well, no physical keys anyway. Macros are now a secondary function of F keys, and you can switch to Logitech G software to prioritize them. Overall, this is one of the best wireless gaming keyboards.

3. Corsair K63 Wireless

The compact Corsair K63 Wireless has many features. Cherry MX Red? switches. Verified. Media controls and wrist rest? Verified. Blue backlighting? Checked. The reason for my hesitation on the last point is that the battery life of the K63 Wireless is bad enough without it. Its built-in rechargeable battery lasts barely 15 hours with the lights set to medium and 25 hours at the lowest brightness.

According to Corsair, the battery life is 75 hours with the backlights off, so integrating backlighting seems like a redundant decision. Corsair recommends plugging it in for an uninterrupted play, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a wireless keyboard? Apart from the battery problem, the K63 Wireless is a solid board. The keys are responsive and all its practical functions make your life easier. Overall, this is one of the best wireless gaming keyboards.

4. Logitech G613

Wireless device technology has come a long way, and Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless connectivity is a great example. The G613 has never broken a connection despite the plethora of wireless devices on our desktops. It matches the stability and responsiveness of wired devices. It’s also efficient: a pair of AA batteries can last up to 18 months of continuous use. While it’s designed to be practical first and foremost, it’s anything but bland.

A second glance reveals a row of dedicated macros, media controls, and a volume toggle. The wrist rest is also spacious, although it should be noted that it is not removable. Naturally, the backlights have been turned off to save battery power. This exclusive Romer-G switch features a travel distance of only 3 mm and a subtle touch bump. Its soft and quiet nature makes it suitable for both playing and hitting. Overall, this is one of the best wireless gaming keyboards.

5. Razer Turret

If you want to solve several stringing problems at once, the Razer Turret is for you. It’s an excellent, rugged mechanical keyboard (inspired by Razer’s BlackWidow with touch-sensitive green keys) with a built-in, retractable mouse pad and a wireless mouse. The turret works seamlessly with PCs and Microsoft’s latest family of consoles, the Xbox One.

Priced at $250, the turret is about the same price you would pay for a perfect, independent wireless gaming mouse and keyboard, and you get quality products for your money. The Mamba equivalent of the Turret performs as well as its separate counterpart, with a 16,000 DPI sensor and a solid IPS rating, and the keyboard is inseparable in terms of performance from Razer’s BlackWidow. It’s a great way to cut two strings at once and is designed to withstand your most violent tantrums. Overall, this is one of the best wireless gaming keyboards.

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