A video from 2018 is
goes viral in which a 32 year old man from Andhra Pradesh named Sangeeth Kumar
claimed to be Aishwarya Rai BachchanSon of. He claimed to be born of the
actress via IVF in London in 1988. Sangeeth thinks that his family hid the fact from him during these years and now he wants to find his mother.

However, he claimed to have been taken away
care by the parents of Aishwarya Brinda Rai and Krishnaraj Rai until he was two years old and
later they handed it over to his father Vadivelu Reddy, who brought him to
Visakhapatnam. He also stated that his birth certificates were destroyed by his
parents but now he wanted to move to Mumbai with Aishwarya.

In one of his media interviews, he said, “Aishwarya gave birth to me through IVF. It was a question of London in 1988. I was raised by my grandmother. ”

With humor, Aishwarya was 15 years old in 1988
when the man claimed to be born from her.