Aamir Khan married his wife Kiran Rao in 2002 after divorcing Reena Dutta after 16 years of marriage. Aamir and Kiran have been madly in love since then and the two of them look adorable together. Aamir has now opened up to fall in love with Kiran and the chemistry he still shares with Reena.

In an interview Aamir gave to a Chinese news channel that went viral, he can see how he got to know Kiran and how she really supported him.

Aamir Khan talks about falling in love with Kiran Rao after divorce with Reena Dutta and names both strong women

He said: “I met Kiran when I was doing Lagaan (2001). She was one of the ADs (assistant directors), but at that point we had no relationship, we weren’t even good friends. She was one of the people in the unit. After my separation and divorce, I met her again after some time. “

He added: “At that moment of the trauma, her phone came and I called her for half an hour. And when I put the phone down, I said: “My God! I feel so happy when I speak to her. “At that moment I noticed that I am so happy when I speak to her.”

In the interview, Aamir said he was happy to have found Kiran. The actor talked about how he loves strong women and called both Reena and Kiran strong women.

Aamir also spoke about Reena, with whom he is still good friends. The actress works with Reena in the Paani Foundation, of which she is COO. The two also have two children together, Junaid and Ira.

When he spoke about Reena, he said: “She is also a wonderful person. Sometimes a relationship doesn’t work, but I have a lot of love and respect for it. In fact, we are working together on this Paani project. She is the company’s COO. “

In the film field, Aamir is currently busy with his Christmas release Laal Singh Chaddha.

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