Aditya Narayan: My savings are finished and I’ve withdrawn all money from my mutual funds to survive

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Aditya Narayan has been in the news ever since the opening of his long-time girlfriend Shweta Aggarwal’s wedding plans. The two met on the set of their film ‘Shapit’ in 2010 and have been quietly and quietly together ever since. Now, when the epidemic has hit everyone so badly, even Aditya is not living an attractive lifestyle. He is also impressed, and in the midst of all this, he also had to plan his wedding. Talking Bollywood Bollyinside, Aditya recently opened up about how his finances have been heavily beaten during this epidemic. Have a look what he had to say:

He said, ‘If the government keeps the lockout even further, people will start starving. All my savings are gone. I have literally exhausted my savings. All the money I had invested in mutual funds, I had to take back all that (to survive). Because no one had planned that I would not work for a year and still not complete it. Nobody makes plans like this. Unless you are like some billionaire. Therefore there is no alternative. Like there are 18,000 rupees left in my account. So if I did not start work by October, I would not have money. I will have to sell my bike or something. This is really hard. At the end of the day, you have to take some harsh calls. When you take those harsh calls, there will be people from a certain class who will say that this decision is wrong, ”said Aditya Narayan in the interview.

We can feel their feelings and many of us and our friends and family are facing the same issue. Only time will tell how things pan out in the coming days. Hopefully, there is some medicine soon, and tremendous growth for the nation in terms of the economy, which can help us all return to the glory days.

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  • Aditya Narayan: My savings are finished and I’ve withdrawn all money from my mutual funds to survive
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