Bollywood’s production houses and filmmakers are rushing to register film titles that somehow refer to the corona virus, hoping that this would spark audience interest enough to get it to the theater when things are back to normal.

On March 15, the top five film industry bodies – the Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association (IMPPA) and four others – announced together that all films, television and web shows by Tuesday, March 31, and the Film departments around the world would cease production. The world should return home within three days. Before the shutdown, Bollywood started tracking the corona virus-related titles.

After the attacks by Abhinandan Varthaman & Pulwama, Bollywood is now hurrying to register the title “Coronavirus”

An IMPPA source informed The National on condition of anonymity that several had already been registered and requests for at least half a dozen others had been received, and the number would likely increase once work resumes.

This is not the first time Bollywood has been accused. Only last year, after the lifting of Article 370 deprived Jammu and Kashmir of autonomy to lay down its own laws, did film associations file applications for titles like A.Article 370, Article 370 abolished, Kashmir Mein Tiranga, Kashmir Hamara Hai. Earlier this year, the Pulwama terrorist attacks saw the same pattern, and the producers were eager to register names with Pulwama, Balakot, “attack” and “surgical strike”.

With the tremendous success of films like Vicky Kaushal from 2019 Uri: The surgical strike. It seems like Bollywood continues to benefit from anything that emotionally affects the ordinary man.

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