AIIMS, CBI in agreement on SSR's case

Dr. Sudhir Gupta, Chairman of the Forensic Medical Board of AIIMS, allegedly revealed that he was with the CBI in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. According to a news portal report, Sudhir Gupta said that authorities need to look into some legal aspects to reach a logical legal conclusion. The AIIMS team recently shared the ‘conclusive findings’ in a report submitted to the CBI. In a statement, the CBI said that it would analyze the entire report and with the evidence presented to prove whether it was a case of suicide or not. Earlier in the day, the CBI released a statement stating that it is conducting a professional investigation and all aspects are being looked into and none of the aspects have been dismissed as of date. After receiving the AIIMS report, the CBI will take a final decision after going through their collected evidence, including the reconstruction of the crime scene, statements of witnesses and forensic reports on profiling of the accused and suspects. Sushant’s family lawyer Vikas Singh said during a media interaction that an AIIMS doctor told him that Sushant died of “strangulation” and not “suicide”. However, Drs. Sudhir Gupta rejected all such claims. Singh had said, “It is for them to take a call and bring it to the public domain. It is only when it is in the public domain that the family will be in a position to take some legal representative. Right now, we are. Helpless. We Don’t know in which direction this case is going. ”

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Source: TOI

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