Akansha Ranjan Kapur takes a STRONG position on the #MeToo-movement-watch video

The #MeToo-had created movement in India, momentum in the year 2018, when several Bollywood stars fearlessly spoke about the harassment cases that she went through. Over a period of time, it seemed like the #MeToo movement faded. The makers of ‘Guilty’, again a sensitive issue in the center again with your Netflix movie. Akansha Ranjan Kapur, who is currently with praise for her role in Karan Johar ‘ s film the beans spilled on the #MeToo movement of Bollywood.

The pretty actress has certainly stunned with her performance in the Kiara Advani starrer “Guilty,” and the creators are rightly getting credit for your film. Akansha Ranjan was caught openly in a recent interview with us where she spoke about #MeToo, feminism, and much more. We had asked to speak to the actress, as the #MeToo movement in India has faded over time. Akansha said, “People have such a short attention span, even if it is like the Australian fire, everyone has forgotten about it. People talk about you for a week and then it’s over. So, of course, it is the same case with #MeToo. And of course, we have a new conversation is started and we are glad. But something must always be widely used. People always need to be accountable for their actions. And #MeToo is such a great movement. It was like a long time, and it is here to stay.”

You can see the interview here.

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