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Actress Shanthipriya the betrayed with Akshay Kumar within the film ‘Saugandh’ in an interview to NBT that, within the face of rejection within the movie trade as a result of of your skin tone. The identical factor came about with her sister, Bhanupriya, by way of the tip of films, for the reason that trade to just accept your self, your on your skin colour.

Reminiscent of the outdated instances, she mentioned, ‚ÄúToday, I’m proud of myself, however I was used, humiliated, in entrance of all the team. I used to be instructed that my make-up would no longer fit with the hero and each of us appeared other. Then the entire procedure will likely be repeated. It used to be very embarrassing. Every day to shoot earlier than I’d get scared of how folks would react to look me. There used to be additionally a time by which I’ve extra time to cover and spend the colour of my skin, to improvise relatively than to the script or different issues.”

The actress published that Akshay Kumar had as soon as made fun of your skin tone. She mentioned, “My function within the film “Ikke Pe Ikka’ was a modern girl, and the script demands that I had to wear a short dress. I have to wear skin-coloured stockings, and once during the filming, Akshay joked about my knee darker appearance than usual. He said, repeatedly, that it’s blood clots in the knees and all the actors and other members of the crew had a good laugh.”

Shanthipriya broke communicate in regards to the incident, because it had come, leaving at the back of a deep affect in your thoughts. She added, “Akshay is my good friend, and I’m not complaining here, but I would definitely tell you that people have to understand how to get to the color can make a joke about someone that hurt him/her.”

Akshay is but to reply.

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