Biopics and real inspirations have become the latest fashion in Bollywood. Almost all filmmakers want to tell the public something or something this generation would probably not be aware of. To try to achieve this, the filmmaker Kabir Khan chose to tell the story of the iconic victory of India in 1983.

With Ranveer Singh, who will try to play the role of the iconic cricket player Kapil Dev, and the preparation of the film have already started. As this is a special film for all cricket fans and as every citizen of the country has marked the iconic moment of the World Cup, Kabir Khan has chosen to begin his journey to the world. where the story was created. in London.

He took his Instagram to share a photo by posing with Ranveer Singh and Sachin Tendulkar, and titled it as follows: "Sachin was 9 years old when he saw on television the Kapil Devils win the World Cup in 1983 here even. This victory inspired him to want to play for India. 35 years later, we are launching the preparation of our film 83 for the Lords … Can not we do better than that? @ranveersingh @sachintendulkar #indiaenglandseries #lords #filmprep "

Ranveer also posted a picture of himself, looking at his usual dapper, waiting for the rains to disappear. He left the picture as follows: "The rain will disappear"

"The whole team will have to undergo preparation work. There will be a training camp where they will all be …

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