Anil always remembers Nolan's autograph

Heaping praises ace filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s new action-thriller ‘the primary’ actor Anil Kapoor on Friday recalled his stumble upon with the ‘Inception’ Director.

Kapoor, the very pack on the finish of the trailer have retweeted to Nolan’s movie, and tells how he were given an autograph of the film-maker on a DVD case for his son Harshvardhan Kapoor.

“You remember Christopher Nolan is not established for a part in the formation, for me at the time, but I’ve tweeted his autograph on a Batman-DVD-cover for @HarshKapoor_!” he stocks his fond reminiscence.

“The @TENETFilm trailer reads is amazing and I know it brings the audience back to the Theater to see it!” his tweet endured.

Nolan’s ‘doctrine’ printed a placing comeback with a brand new trailer, the evening of the preferred battle-video-game “Fortnite” on Thursday.

To be teased similar to the primary trailer video, the most recent motion and thrilling puzzles.

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