In the midst of coronavius scare, veteran
Actor Anupam Kher returned to India and after landing in India, he
in the self-isolation as a precautionary measure.

The actor underwent testing at the airport and was tested
negative for coronavirus.

“I just landed. I was tested at the airport and I
it was a clean chit. But on my own I will stay at home. I have to go to
self-isolation. We have to,” Kher PTI said.

Anupam Kher, for praised the airport authorities in India
Their efforts and mentioned that India is an example for the rest of the
To follow the world. The actor shared a video on Twitter and wrote,
“Finally landed in Mumbai from New York after four months. It was so gratifying
to see how strict, but polite and competent authorities at the airport
Dealing with #Corona situation. India is really a example of the
dealing with the crises. Proud of the authorities and the people. Jai

He gave an insight into Mumbai airport, to show how strong
review of the procedures have been implemented in practice by the authorities. Comment
on Anupam post, actor Varun Dhawan wrote: “Take care Anupam
Uncle… sending lots of love and good wishes.” In response to Varun’s
Comment Anupam said that he would “follow the mandatory self-

A day earlier, Anupam Kher extended his support to PM modi’s Janta
Curfew appeal on March 22. He took the micro-blogging-to write site,

The 65-year-old actor said that it is high time for all
To take precautions.

“It is time that
To conduct prominent responsibility because they are role models, whether they are doing it
and the world will follow you. You have to do, that it is important. It is
it is not only important for your personal health, but it also shows that you are
responsible citizens of the country,” he added.

Meanwhile, Shabana Azmi, the
back from Budapest, took to Twitter on Thursday and said she is under

“I have
Budapest, March 15, and I am practicing self-isolation of up to 30. March”
She tweeted.

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