Arjun Kapoor is the latest star to come forward and to be an appeal to the fans, kind to animals. In a social media post, the actor a photo of himself standing next to a dog and assured that “the animals are safe from the COVID 2019 virus.”

This comes a day after a report on Bollywood Mumbai Mirror, said that almost 17 citizenship had bodies, including the BMC, distributed posters and fliers incorrectly stating that people should stay away from animals as a precautionary measure against the virus.

As a result of the misinformation, and rumors of pet transmission of the virus, several pet owners in order to Bollywood Mumbai-the city of refuge, the renunciation of their furry friends on the streets.

“A day in the afternoon… the animals are safe from the COVID in 2019 a virus, so be kind, decent human being & stop leaving you stranded at a time like this…” Arjun said in his post.

The actor is a pet parent to a puppy named Maximus. Sister Anshula often it takes on your social networks to share adorable photos and videos of the little fur ball to his machinations.

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